Friday, January 3, 2014

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Letter from 12/20/2013

Merry Christmas from Parker, CO!

I cant believe Christmas is in two days, how crazy! 
So I absolutely love my new area. Its wonderful :) I love being able to serve people my own age. Its also weird at the same time, but thats okay. Our ward mission leader is only 24, but he looks 18. He is the goofiest kid I've ever met, but has a strong love for the work. Problem is, he has a bajillion "squirrel moments" every time we meet with him.
So on Wednesday we had a super awesome Christmas Devotional. It was very interesting- definitely took a different approach. Brother Handy spoke (LDS Employment specialist for like 14 states) He is a archaeologist, and hes gone all over the world digging sites. He gave this amazing presentation on Christ visiting the americas, and how the proof is shown through ancient Mayan artifacts, and how the Book of Mormon goes right along with everything they were uncovering. It was so cool! Which you could have been there :)
Saturday night we were asked to sing for the Christmas program on sunday. I love last second invitations. So the sisters in the ward got together, and we sang Picture a Christmas, from the childrens hand book. It actually sounded really good! The angels were definitely helping us out since we had no time to practice.
So I think I forgot to mention this last time, but our YSA ward covers two stakes- but the other stake that Sister Mall and I don't cover is actually in the Colorado Springs mission. So the other set of sister missionaries in our ward is from another mission. Its weird, we have to cross mission boundaries all the time, which we normally are not allowed to do. Its really interesting to talk to the "foreign" missionaries- their mission rules are so different from ours. Like they can listen to disney music on Pday, watch disney movies on christmas, at night if their apointments fall through they are not allowed to knock doors, they have to head home and do studies. Its weird- glad i'm in the CDNM!
I'm really excited for Christmas. Cant wait to skype everyone :) I love you all soo much, thanks for all the support and the love- definitely felt and appreciated :)
Love Sis Cannon
Letter from 12/30/2013

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas- it was so great to be able to see everyone!
Its been a great week-
On Monday for Pday we got permission to watch a movie- so the sisters in the zone gathered together and watched UP :) I forgot how funny that movie was! A lot of missionary jokes in it actually. "Wow its going to take 800 transfers to get home!" (Russell planning on taking the bus from south America back to home- but its funnier when you think missionary transfers) Lol.
Christmas was a lot of fun. In the morning we went to a breakfast and the stake presidents house- he fed all the missionaries in the stake. They are the cutest family- they waited to do all their Christmas traditions until we were there with them. So we watched The Nativity, decorated gingerbread cookies, and pigged out on a lot of food, which is always nice.
 Directly after breakfast we went to the Cunningham's so that I could Skype you lovely bunch :) I thought it would be weird at first, but it seemed like yesterday that I saw you all. The Cunningham's fed us a good lunch, and then it was S. Mall's turn to Skype home.
Then we went to the YSA Christmas dinner- all the people who didn't have family in the area gathered together. The RS President put it together- and it was a lot of fun. We ate too much food, and then played monopoly. Well, me and S. Mall sat on the sidelines and gave helpful hints since we aren't actually allowed to play :)
 After that meal we went over to our ward mission leaders house. We spent the evening with him and his family, and our zone leaders who live with them. They are the coolest family- we played jenga and connect 4, and skid around the house in socks since they just waxed their wood floors :)
Our district leader is the sweetest. Because we don't get fed dinner hardly ever since we serve in YSA, he called a couple people in his ward to feed us- so don't worry mom we are getting fed :) We are trying to think of something cute to do to repay him- but unfortunately our creative juices aren't flowing.
How was everyone's week?
Love you and miss you!
<3 Sis. Cannon

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