Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter as of  3/24/2014

First week back in a family ward was a success :)
It was soo funny. Our first lesson we had with a family was Friday night.  Sister Falke and I  both looked at each other and realized we had completely forgotten how to teach kids! It ended out working great but it was definitely different than teaching YSA, although they sometimes acted like kids as well. :)
Someone shared this really awesome lesson plan to do with kids, and we put it into action and it went wonderful. Its called "Charity Chair" You have the kids sit one at a time on the Charity Chair, and their siblings tell them one thing that they love about the person on the chair. After they each take turns, we tell them a very special guest has come, and its His turn to sit on the chair. We then place a photo of Jesus Christ on it, and have the kids go around saying one thing they love about Him. We talk about Charity and invite the kids to follow Christ's example on what they said they each liked about him. So cute!
Turns out the Elders that we share the ward with teach an average of 10 lessons.. So there's room for improvement in that area haha. Dove Valley has never had Sisters, and so they were really welcoming to us. We taught 15 active member lessons alone last week, not including less active and investigator lessons. Our Ward Mission Leader, brother Seaman looked like he was going to cry when he found out our numbers. He's been really discouraged in his calling because of the lack of work in DV, but we're going to change that.
Our Bishop, Bishop Bell, is inviting everyone in the ward to read Power of Every Day Missionaries, and has passed out a copy to nearly everyone in the ward. We got permission from President Toombs to read it so we could talk to the members about it, and it is completely fantastic. We've been reading it together in companionship study, and then whenever we are in the car haha. Sometimes we'll read it right before we go to bed, we honestly cant get enough of it. You should read it! Its changing how I view missionary work, and its the best. Do it. :)
Sister Falke and I are getting along better than ever. I love her! This past week has been so great. Hopefully yours will be as well!
Love you lots and lots.
-Sister Jessica Cannon :)
PS  We went to the temple on Wednesday! I saw Sister Mall there :) (Sis Mall was her last companion)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I had such a great week. And a fantastic birthday!
Big news first. I got transferred again! But I got to stay with Sister Falke :) :) I'm still in Parker, which is so great, but now I'm serving in a family ward, Dove Valley. I'm honestly so pumped for this transfer.
PARKER DISTRICT where she is serving...
At transfer doctrine on Saturday night we found out that we'd be staying together. We immediately relaxed and then they told us we were getting transferred! It was super unexpected. Now Crowfoot has Elders in it... not sure how that's going to work haha.
I had the best birthday. Sister Falke woke up ridiculously early and made me a delicious breakfast. Omelets, sausage, hash browns, strawberries, and toast. Yuuum :) It was so cute.
notice the matches instead of candles....
After stuffing ourselves with food, we went to church. Bishop had us both share our testimonies over the pulpit, and then afterwards he told everyone to make sure they wish me happy birthday.. super embarrassing. We didn't go to Sunday school because one of my favorite members, Maryn, had a surprise birthday party for me and made me an awesome chocolate cake.
blowing out candles, oh wait they aren't lit...can't have fire in church ;)
 Then in relief society they all sang me happy birthday. After church we went to the Hilliers for dinner. She made me chicken alfredo and some legit olive garden breadsticks. We had brownies and ice cream for dessert- mine had a birthday candle on it that sung to me haha.
I did get your package on Thursday. Thank you so much! Made my day. We haven't made the cake yet, too sweetened out. We'll probably make it tomorrow. Or tonight. Haha.
This past transfer we didn't go under 20 lessons once. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up the record this transfer!
I cant believe I just started my 6th transfer out in the field. Time is flying by so incredibly fast, its honestly scaring me. Before I know it my mission will be over, which I'm so not looking forward too.
I love you all so incredibly much! Your the best.
Love Sister Jessica Cannon :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter as of 03/10/2014

Transfers are this Monday. This past transfer has gone so incredibly fast, not fair.
This past week has been pretty slow. We were only able to teach 21 lessons this week, half of them were with active members. Its great that we are able to help strengthen the members so much, but I want to teach nonmembers!
On Wednesday we threw a surprise party four one of our sister training leaders. She's never had a birthday party before! Struggles of being the youngest of 11 I guess. It was a lot a fun, we had a fiesta! Me and sister falke made some bomb salsa. Super yummy.
Yesterday we had a fantastic stake conference. There was a lot of drama going around though, because every ward in the stake (7 of them) had their boundaries changed. I'm really excited though, its really going to help the missionaries find more people to teach.
Our Stake President, Pres. Carpenter is seriously the best. He is seriously a man called of God. He gave an invitation to the stake that I wanted to challenge you all to do as well. To help 2 people be closer to the savior this year. One of them will be on the other side of the veil.
After conference, our family history specialist in the ward, Anna, taught a class about doing family history. It was actually really cool! A name popped up that says I have an opportunity to do someone's work. Its dads grandfathers sister-in-law. Pina Ceola Williamson. I'm apparently supposed to ask permission before I'm allowed to reserve the name. And Dad your the closest living relative. May I do her work? :) Who knew family history could be so fun! I'm really excited to learn how to do it more.
Its just such a great opportunity to be able to do missionary work. What if she accepted the gospel years and years ago, but she just having been baptized yet? Its actually really sad to think about it.
I love love love being a missionary guys. Its seriously the best.
Oh and while out doing the work we came across some random cows, how funny...
Also, I love love love you all as well :)

 Hope life is wonderful in rainy Seattle.
Love always! -Sister Jessica Cannon

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Letter from 3/10/2014

So I'm now in week 5 of this transfer. That's so insane- time flies so incredibly fast.  This Friday it will be my 7 month mark. Holy cow! I cant even believe it. 
On Monday I got my hair cut by Sister Falke. I really like it. Its basically the same length but it now has layers in it and I have side bangs again, which is definitely something im trying to get used to lol. Later in the day we went to Maryns, and she put a blonde streak in both of our hairs. Its not very noticeable because its under most of my hair, but I know its there, and it was just something fun that we wanted to do as companions.
Monday evening we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders (STL's). They seriously are the best. I served in the Clarke Farms ward with Sister Burnett. It was soooo cold! It snowed the entire day, but it didn't really stick that much, thank goodness. I always learn so much when I go on exchanges. We had a really amazing experience when I was with Sister Burnett. We went to go visit this former investigator, Cylia. Super sweet Hispanic woman. Turns out her brother commited suicide three weeks back. She went to church for the first time since it happened on Sunday (to a catholic church) and they told her that her brother won't remember who she is, because in heaven the only relationship that matters is the one with God.. She told us that as the preacher/pastor/father (whatever the phrase is... sorry I'm super ignorant of other religions) was talking, she was thinking "I remember when I was younger and my mom used to take me to the Mormon church, they taught that families are sealed and can be together forever" She then asked us if that was true, if we believe in sealing the family. We obviously said yes :) and taught her the plan of salvation. At the end of the super spiritual lesson we sang her a hymn "Abide with me tis eventide" We were all crying by the end of it, but I think it really brought her some peace.
I love being a missionary.
The rest of the week was pretty great, nothing too exciting happened besides the everyday miracles. We ended up teaching 25 lessons, not too shabby. We haven't been able to get back up to 28 lessons, but I know it will happen.
OH! I almost forgot! We got a new investigater on Thursday. Her name is Latoya. Honestly I think she is the first black person I have seen since I've been here in Parker. She is super awesome. We taught her the first discussion, and invited her to be baptized. She said is she comes to know its true, she will be baptized, which isn't a immediate yes but its not an immediate no either. :)
I hope you all had the best week ever. I know I did :)
-Sister Jessica Cannon


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Letter from Feb 24, 2014

Hi everyone!
Soo I left my bag with my camera and planner at a members home today- so no pictures this week, and also without my planner I feel like I cant remember what happened this past week haha. So this will probably be a short letter, my apologies :) I'll add some line breaks so it looks longer haha.
Denzels baptism was supposed to happen yesterday, but early in the week we decided that we needed to postpone it. After fasting and attending the temple, both of us decided that we rushed things with Denzel, and he needs a little more time before he can understand the seriousness of the baptismal covenant. He wasn't really wanting to change his lifestyle and so the baptism is postponed for now. But don't you worry, he will get baptized because he is such an awesome kid.
Last Monday was sooo incredibly fun. We went ice skating wiith two members of the ward. It was Sister Falkes first time ever ice skating, and she and I both didn't fall! #success. Afterwards we all went to chipotle- so yummy! We got free drinks because the person at the register was Mormon. :)
When we were done eating the delicousness we went shopping with a recent convert to get her some modest church clothes. Cause boy was she struggling with that aspect :) It was a lot of fun, and we found some really cute clothes that she liked. Modest is definitely hottest.
I felt like this past week was so slow. We were able to still get 20 lessons, which is less than we've got the past two weeks, but its still great that we were able to make the standard of excellence. We were able to set up some excellent lessons for this upcoming week, some I'm super excited for.
Our pday is going to get cut short a little because we have so many lessons for this evening. At 5 we are teaching this girl Megan. She's a nonmember that the elders in the family ward referred her to us. She seems super promising- so if you could keep her in your prayers that'd be great :)
Me and Sister Falke decided that our hair is boring and so today we are putting a blonde highlight in our hair. It wont be too noticeable but its going to be cute. Building comp unity :) Pictures to follow!
Anywhooo, I love you all so much. I just sent a awesome letter in the mail to you this morning, so keep an eye out for it.
<3 Sister Cannon
treated by a member to dinner at 5 guys...
Feb 17. 2014 letter
Hi there!
I had another splendid week :) 26 lessons taught- not too shabby haha.
We met with Denzel 5 times this past week. Looks like he is set for his baptism this Saturday at 5pm :) I honestly wasn't expecting a baptism this soon in parker. Parker is known for being very hard to find people to teach and baptize- but I guess that doesn't apply to us ;)
Today is going to be a great day. After emailing we're going ice skating with some members or the ward, and then afterwards we're going shopping to help a recent convert find some modest church clothes :)
Then Maryn, an awesome girl in our ward, is making us dinner. (Well we always end up help making it because she is never on time, but that's okay, its part of the fun :)
 Then we have some awesome lessons lined up. Meeting with John, who honestly is my favorite. He's had a lot of hard things happen to him, but we've been able to see sooo much progress/change in him since we starting meeting with him.
 Then we're meeting with Lindsey, who is the FHE Co-Chair, and helping her with her missionary efforts.
 Then we're meeting with Denzel, and President Toombs is coming to the lesson with us again. We finished all the PMG lessons, so we're planning on going over the Atonement.
We had zone conference (3 zones get together for some awesomeness) on Thursday and we had some amazing trainings. We role played the first principle, God is Our Loving Heavenly Father, a million times, and each time I learned something new, Its really helped my teaching. Sometimes I forget that not everyone understand the Nature of God (not that I completely do) but I don't always remember that they wern't raised with the idea that Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones. I don't know, it just makes sense to me lol. Makes it way more personal talking to a person (a glorified being, but a person) than to a great big mist. So doing the role plays really helped me understand a lot better the people that I'm teaching.
Guys, I love it here. I might not come home- just stay in Parker forever. :)
Just kidding, I'd miss the rain and fog too much... hahaha
Love you all so much! Youda best :)

sports night at YSA!