Friday, January 3, 2014

Letter as of 12/17/2013 transfers were on 12/16

Hello from Parker CO!
This has been an INSANELY busy week. So by Friday night we taught 29 lessons. I know, its pretty insane.
 And then Saturday morning on the way to the dentists so that  S. Sprague can get a root canal we got a call from Elder Pratt, the housing coordinator for the CDNM, and he told us that in 3 hours he would bring the moving van because we were moving across the city to commerce city. So we had to rush home after the dentist and pack in like 3 seconds. We moved to a super cute apartment in a very ghetto area. :) That took most of the day, so we only were able to teach two lessons Saturday, unfortunately. We normally get like 6 or 7.
Saturday night was Transfer Doctrine, and I found out I'm getting transferred to Parker CO. My new companion is S. Mall, and she seriously is the nicest person ever. oh, and I'm serving in the YSA ward :) I asked President if I could get transferred to a small ward, and now I'm covering an entire stake. He sure has a funny sense of humor.. But that's okay I already LOVE it here.
We went to FHE last night and everyone is so nice and welcoming. Its so cool to serve people my age, instead of old 70 y/o men. I can tell this is going to be my favorite area and my favorite companion. The area I serve is completely beautiful, not to mention very rich.
Some completely amazing news: I GET TO SKYPE HOME ON CHRISTMAS :) :) :) :) Because of the mass amounts of calls/emails from angry moms the missionary committee and President relented and is allowed us to Skype for 40 minutes.  I'm so excited to see everyone! It should be around 11 am MST roughly. I'll have the member coordinate with you later in the week hopefully.
I love you all so much and I hope everything is going well back home. :)
Love, Sis. Cannon <3
Sister Cannon was very busy on Tuesday so she didn't have time for a lot of writing. We emailed her back after receiving this letter and she had to run for an appointment so we didn't get to "chat" back and fourth through the email like we normally do...

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