Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter as of 01/20/2014

What a great week!

We got 18 lessons this week, which basically never happens in YSA. So far this transfer, we always had 11 or 12 lessons per week. Miracles are happening!

The work here in the Crowfoot ward is booming. The ward has 4 investigators, and my companionship has one of those. AND ALL OF THEM  HAVE BAPTISM DATES! Yes, that's right. We invited James to be baptized, and he said yes! Glory, glory, hallelujah :)

So here's a layout of my week.

Last Monday was zone Pday. We had the "Olympics" and it was soo much  fun. A lot of the games we played were from the show minute to win it.

We played games like having an oreo on your forehead, and you have to get it into your mouth with out using hands or anything. We had crab walk races, volleyball relays, and so much more. Sorry mom, I didn't  take a lot of pictures- I was busy having too much fun! But I did take a few per request :)


Monday night we take Reno Mulumulu, James less active friend. It was a great lesson,
and now he says he wants to pray if he wants to go on a mission. Obviously he wont be able to leave
immediately, a lot will have to happen before he will be able to go, but I'm so excited for him. This mission is the best thing I've ever  done for myself.

After Reno's lesson we went to FHE, but instead of ice blocking, we ended up teaching this member who was having a very hard time. Her grandmother just passes away the week before, and she just really  wanted to talk. We reiterated to her the wonderful plan of salvation, and i could tell she got a lot out of it. It was a good thing for me to hear as well- especially since Grandma Metcalf isn't doing so well anymore.

 After this, then we went to Maggie's house, a recent convert of three months who is just amazing. She is our top fellowshipper, always wanting to go to lessons with us. She too is preparing to go on a
mission. Yay for more missionaries :)

 Wednesday we were able to start the morning off by going to the temple, and doing a session. I haven't been since November, so it was really great to be able to go. Did you hear that there is another new movie out? We didn't get to see it unfortunately, but maybe soon. After
the session we went to Deseret Book store, where I ran into Sis. Mataitusi! Ah I miss her. She is still serving in the Broadlands ward, so this is her 5th transfer in the Westminster Zone. Crazy.

I was asked to give the training at district meeting, for 20 minutes,  about how missionaries can receive revelation through the book of Mormon. I honestly have no idea what I talked about, but I think it went good? I had a whole lesson planned out, but when after I went to the temple I basically changed everything up. So hopefully people got  something useful out of it :)

Thursday we did some service at a nursing home. We basically are the lunch servers- we take down the residents order for lunch, and refill their drinks and stuff. When there is nothing to do then we get to just sit down and chat with them. I love being able to do this- everyone has such interesting stories. One of my favorites to talk to  is Marian. Everytime I meet her she talks about different careers she's
had. Apparantly she has been a teacher, police officer, nurse, general in the army, in the CIA, and etc. Super sweet lady, if only a little confused :)

 That night we met with Seth and Aly. Both are preparing for missions, and so for part of their preparation, the other sisters in the ward teach them the missionary discussions on Tuesdays, and on Thursdays Seth and Aly teach us the discussions. They are not yet the best of  teachers, buts that's okay. I wish I was able to do this before my mission- its awesome!

Friday morning we had our personal interviews with mission president. He truly is an inspired man, and he is the best. Unfortunately he is finished with his mission in July and so we'll be getting a new
President, which stinks. I'm sure I'll love him, but Pres. Toombs is amazing.

Friday is when we asked James to be baptized. We were planning on  waiting one more lesson, but I just felt really inspired to invite him to be baptized. he said would love to. We were both surprised honestly, but then it sunk in and we were so excited! We are setting him with a  bap date tonight when we see him.

I love serving here in Parker. Its definitely my favorite area so far,
hopefully I'll stay here for a long time. :)

Love Sister Cannon

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