Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter from 1/6/2014

Its been a good week! :)
Cooooold, but good :)
We got about four inches of snow this week. Those hand hotties you gave me mom are now my best friend.
Yesterday was so productive. We were able to teach two lessons before church, and then after church we went to a members house and taught 4 different lessons at that house. We were originally planning on only teaching one, to Alex, who is the elders quorum president, but he had a lot of member friends over at the same time. So we taught each of them individually, just pulling them to another room. Normally we would teach them all at once obviously, but each of them are working on their own mission plans, and we have a series of lessons that go with each plan, so they all were on different lessons. Then they fed us dinner as well, so we were at that house for over four hours lol.
In one of the lessons yesterday we shared a clip off of youtube (the member found it for us, don't worry lol). Its Hollands Missionary Work & The Atonement talk and in the background its a movie of Christ, and the atonement. So powerful- try and find it online. Eyring speaks at the beginning of it if that helps to find the video. Katie, a member that was at the house was talking about the new year. And she said she came to the realization that every day can be a have  "new year" for us with repentance and the atonement. That really stood out to me.
I hit 5 months tomorrow as a missionary. Time has gone so fast! I have no clue where it went.
Did you guys do anything fun for the new years? I went to bed at 9am, which was fantastic. :) Our member was disappointed because she wanted to celebrate with us but all we wanted to do was sleep. Totally worth it :)
Someone pointed out to me earlier this week that I'm three months shy of being 20, gross I'm getting old, no longer a teenager :(
Today for Pday we are spray painting shirts- our zone calls ourselves Parker Nation, and so we are going to decorate shirts saying that. Next week pday we are going to wear the shirts, and have Zone Olympics  which will be super awesome.
Remember when we had the member of the seventy, Elder Corbridge, come speak to us I think in November? Well a long time ago he wrote this fantastic talk, titled The Fourth Missionary. Its 30 pages long... but fantastic. It reviles Hollands talks as one of my favorites. Its targeted to missionaries obviously, but can easily be viewed as members. I really encourage you to read it- it pretty much is life changing. Its all about becoming who God wants us to be.
Tonight I'm going on exchanges with my sister training leaders. I'll be serving in the clark farms ward for 24 hours. I love exchanges, I always learn so much from the STLs.
Hopefully you all have been staying warm- Its like 15 degrees over here.
Love you all so much! Have a great week.
Love Sister Cannon

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