Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter from 1/27/2014
What an amazing successful week. We taught 19 lessons! Whooooooh :)
Seriously the growth in this area astounds me. Before I arrived the sisters were teaching an average of 8 lessons. Then my first four weeks it was an average of 12 lessons, last week we taught 18 lessons, and this week 19. We're almost to the standard of excellence- 20 lessons a week! :)
I'm so excited, we actually have set lessons for people. We now have regulars! We work with about 5 LAs very regularly, 2 recent converts, and an investigater. The rest we work with active members, which is great. The Crowfoot ward seriously is booming. We had two extremely less actives show up to church yesterday, and the other sisters had 3 investigaters come. We have two people getting baptized this Saturday into the ward, so that is extremely exciting.
So yesterday I was given the wonderful opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting.....
I was asked to speak on the joys of missionary work haha. Super easy topic so I didn't end up preparing a lot for it- just ended up winging it mostly. It went pretty well- until the second half. When I reached to grab my scriptures out of my case, I dropped my scriptures.... over the pulpit.... Can you say extremely embarrassing? I vaguely remember making a lame joke like "Well I guess God didn't want me to read that scripture" haha but it was a scripture mastery so I ended up just reciting it. Yeah I don't think i'm ever going to live that down.
One of the less actives we work with, John, is so great. Hes overcoming an addiction, and has been meeting with the bishop regularly but asked if he could meet with us as well. On sunday he brought a nonmember friend, and when he introduced him, John set up an appt for us to meet with his friend, Denzel for this week. Denzel asked us what we would talk to him about, he looked a little nervous, and so all we said was along the lines of "We'll just get to know you a little bit, find out your relationship with God, and then try to help you improve it." He seemed pretty excited afterwards, so we'll have a new investigter sometime this week :)
I la la love serving here in Crowfoot YSA. I love being able to see so much progress. Transfers are next week- but I really feel that me and sister mall are both staying. We will see!
Hope everyone back home had a great week- I know I did. :)
Love you!
-Sis. Cannon

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