Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello from Thornton CO!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (and a good birthday Dad!)
This week was pretty normal/boring, except for Thursday. Me and Sis. Sprague had 5 Thanksgivings.... thats right, 5. And they were all sit down dinners, so we couldnt just grab one or two things to eat at each. It physically hurt to eat by the third meal. Me and Sprague took pictures after every meal. You can see us be super happy at the beginning... and super full and tired by the end of them. 


So some exciting news: we have 5 investigaters set with a bap date. Three of them are in Dec, and two in January. So we have been staying pretty busy trying to teach everyone. This week we had 24 lessons... which is actually lower than normal believe it or not.  :)
Transfers are in two weeks. I have a feeling that I'm going to be transferred again. Dad, how many areas did you serve in, can you remember? I'm already on my fourth area, and its only been a little over 3 months. My area right now is so huge that i'm a little overwhelmed, I feel like I dont know the area/ward at all, when last transfer I knew every member by name. Its definately been an adjustment.
We talked a little about transfers and this is her reply...
Yeah I'm ready to be transferred. There is a lot of people here to teach- which is great- but I don't feel like I know this area at all. We have so many people that we teach that we get to see each person like once every other week - so I don't get to know that at all. I'm used to seeing the same person like 3 times a week. The three wards I served in previously were all small, and I miss that. 
This is my reply to her That's because we have always lived in smaller wards and you are more comfortable that way. You are doing great work and the Lord knows where you are needed.
Last Monday all the sisters in my zone went shopping. I was proud of myself because I only bought three items lol. Two bottles of lotion, and a really awesome sweatshirt :) I forgot to take a picture of it, but its from forever 21 and has a huge toy story picture on it. Its pretty legit ha-ha. 
Today Sprague and I are going to hang out at one of the sisters homes. We are just planning on writing letters home, and just chillaxing, which sounds super nice right about now. 
Mom have you decorated the house yet with Christmas? We bought a tree last week thats 3 ft tall (sadly its plastic). The ornaments are blue and silver, and on each ornament we attached a slip of paper, and on it it says one thing we are grateful for. Its actually pretty cute :) 
This week is going to be extremely busy. We already have 16 appointments set up, and we normally make like 15 appointments during the week, so this should be fun teaching a bajillion people.
Like I said, i'm planning on writing letters today, so expect something soon in the mail. :)
Have a fantabulous week! Love you all lots.
Sister Cannon :)
I asked her if she needed anything and she replied..
Gift cards and music cd's, gift cards to target, WalMart, Chipotle :) Burger King and the like, or just a visa card that is accepted anywhere. I'm not too picky :)
Letter as of 11/25/2013

What an insane week. We taught 28 lessons this week, which is such a miracle.
Things have been going really good in the Woodglen ward, there is so much work to be done here, I love being able to teach so many people. 
John 21 is one of my favorite chapters in the bible. After Christ died, Peter decides he wants to "go a fishing" and bring five other apostles with him. They go out to sea, but catch nothing until a stranger on the shore tell the fishermen to cast their nets on the right side. Doing so, they catch so many fish that there nets start to break. Heading back to shore, Peter recognizes the stranger as Jesus, and rushes to him. Jesus has a fire and fish waiting for them, and pulls Peter aside and asks him if he loves Him more than everything else. Peter replies saying Yes Lord, you know that I love you. Christ then tells him to feed his sheep. He then asks Peter the same question twice more, and Peter replies the same. Christ tells him again that if he loved Him, he would feed His sheep.
Luke 22 is my favorite rendition of the denial, because it does mention Peter making eye contact after he denied Christ. 
Luke 22 is my second favorite chapter of the bible actually, because of the Garden scene. I love how it is the only one that mentions an Angel comes to strengthen Christ after he prays. We had a huge training on it actually. As soon as Christ aligned his will with The Father, then he was blessed and strengthened. And we consecrate ourselves fully to Gods will, then we will be blessed as well. 
I've been reading the Old Testament every morning. It is so hard to get through. One of my zone leaders gave me some really great advice though- as you read, underline the words of Christ/God because then you pay attention to what he is saying more fully, and you ask yourself why was it so important that he spoke those particular words. Its helped out soooo much, because I couldn't get past all the incest and the like.
Every time I read this story I have to ask myself, Do I truly love Him? And if so, how do I show it? 
I've been working a lot on showing my love for Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father, because I know that is how I will be able to feel His love, and be able to share that love with others. As I've been having problems with my companion, I have been studying a lot of charity/love, and boy do I have a lot to improve on. I know that President has placed me with Sis. Sprague for a reason, and I just have to figure out why. Maybe to learn how to have patience, and how to love someone. 
Her Dad asked her if she had any scriptural questions and she replied...
I just started Exodus, so I haven't gotten into the extremely heavy stuff yet. I'll let you know if I do have questions.
Have you read Jesus the Christ yet? When I first started it I had a hard time because of the writing style, but I absolutely love it now. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and its amazing on how much I have learned about Christ from it. I read it every morning for about 20 or so minutes.  If you haven't read it- do so!
Its been snowing a lot this past week- and its been so cold. I never thought I'd say I miss Seattle weather. Two days ago we built a little snowman with our investigators daughter. Jeremy Dean is a single dad that has the two most adorable kids ever, Emily (7) and Olivia (5). We were tracting his apartment when we saw them all outside playing in the snow, so we decided to play with them. We were in our proselyting clothes, making snowmen, while teaching the restoration. Definitely one of the more interesting lessons I've had :)
So two weeks ago, we accidentally left our members plate that we borrowed for cookies at a stake center an hour away. Sis. Compton (age 75) got really mad at us, and told us we needed to get the plate back or else, basically. You know how old people get attached to their stuff... Well anyway we called like 12 people having them search for the plate, since we thought some relief society member brought it home, but no one found it. So today we ended up driving all the way over there, and we looked for two seconds and we found it... I was pretty upset but I was also extremely glad we found it. Just wish we didn't have to waste an hour of our time this morning and a ton of our miles.
On Thanksgiving we have 4 dinners... One at 1pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 6pm. I'm going to die from food ha-ha. We tried getting more, but no luck. We can only spend out hour each at a members home, which I'm bummed about because I don't want to proselyte on Thanksgiving. Its pretty hard being away from home for the Holidays, I hate that I'll be gone for 2 thanksgivings, and 2 Christmas's. Who all is coming to the house?
Anywhoooo, I love you all very much, and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love Sis. Cannon