Monday, January 13, 2014

What a fantastic week! Life is good here in Parker, CO :)
Its been so crazy, I can barely remember the start of the week.
On Monday night for FHE, the YSA played crab soccer. (You walk around like a crab and can only use legs to kick.... obviously ha-ha)  Sis. Mall and I were the goalies- you cant very well walk like a crab in skirts... It was super fun! My team lost by one point- I think the other team cheated. :)
After Family Home Evening, we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders (STL's). I went with Sis. Blaek to the Clarke Farms ward, and it was a great experience. We tracted into and inactive FLDS. It was super funny. She invited us in, and as she was telling us about her religious background she said "Growing up I wasn't allowed to wear make up or pierce my ears. I remember barely that there were two main churches in my hometown. The one were the good people went to, and the other is a church that broke away from ours way before I was born. But I was young so I don't really remember much." Sis. Blaek and I both looked at each other and realized she is a former Fundamentalist. So that was cool :)
We tracted into another guy, and basically  this is what he told us. "You know, not a lot of people know about this, but there is a prophet on the earth. I know it. It just makes sense. That John Smith is from God....." Yes he did say John Smith. ha-ha 
On Wednesday we got a new investigator! WHOOOOH. Awesome story about that. 
As Sister Mall and I were going through YSA age less actives in other wards, she recognized a name, The Mulumulu's. She realized that this is the family that she grew up with, but lost contact when they moved to Colorado. They have four boys, all YSA age. Alec, Reno, Jordan, Devon.  Ages 21,22,23,24. So we went to visit them, and although its been years since she has seen them, they all recognized her right away. They have been inactive for years. And they had a nonmember friend there, James. We taught them all about Gods Love, and the Atonement, and James wanted to know more about the church. We gave him a book of Mormon, and he said he is excited to read it. We invited them all to Sports Night (Every Thursday night at the church) and James and Reno showed up which is great. Reno came to Church as well, unfortunately the others couldn't make it because they had to work.
Thursday we had the best zone meeting I've ever attended. It truly was so powerful and I learned a crazy amount of great stuff :) Something that really stood out to me was when he had the sisters break away from the elders for some training. Sister Burnett, the other STL, talked about Rebekah, and how she drew water for Abrahams servant and his camels. I never thought before how much strength that actually would have taken, her drawing water for multiple camels until they were full. Sis. Burnett talked about how Rebekah already had that strength. God was preparing her until he needed her. In this case it was so the servant knew Rebakah would be the wife for Isaac. Just like God prepares us by having us go through hard things so we will be ready when we are needed.
Saturday morning we volunteered at Double T Stables. Its a therapeutic riding program for  kids with disabilities. It was so awesome! We got to lead the horses around and play games with the kids who were riding. Like "basketball" - throwing plastic balls at a barrel. It truly was great seeing the smiles on those little kids faces.

Saturday afternoon was our church's open house. We are in a brand new building, and it was dedicated yesterday. Sis. Mall and I sang in the women's choir, and the prayer lasted for over 5 minutes... This man was very thorough as he dedicated the building. :)
Today is p-day and we will be having a special Olympics for our zone. Last week we made t-shirts for our Olympics...
But yes, I had a great week. Lots of exciting things happening here in CO :)
Love Sister Cannon

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