Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello from Thornton CO!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (and a good birthday Dad!)
This week was pretty normal/boring, except for Thursday. Me and Sis. Sprague had 5 Thanksgivings.... thats right, 5. And they were all sit down dinners, so we couldnt just grab one or two things to eat at each. It physically hurt to eat by the third meal. Me and Sprague took pictures after every meal. You can see us be super happy at the beginning... and super full and tired by the end of them. 


So some exciting news: we have 5 investigaters set with a bap date. Three of them are in Dec, and two in January. So we have been staying pretty busy trying to teach everyone. This week we had 24 lessons... which is actually lower than normal believe it or not.  :)
Transfers are in two weeks. I have a feeling that I'm going to be transferred again. Dad, how many areas did you serve in, can you remember? I'm already on my fourth area, and its only been a little over 3 months. My area right now is so huge that i'm a little overwhelmed, I feel like I dont know the area/ward at all, when last transfer I knew every member by name. Its definately been an adjustment.
We talked a little about transfers and this is her reply...
Yeah I'm ready to be transferred. There is a lot of people here to teach- which is great- but I don't feel like I know this area at all. We have so many people that we teach that we get to see each person like once every other week - so I don't get to know that at all. I'm used to seeing the same person like 3 times a week. The three wards I served in previously were all small, and I miss that. 
This is my reply to her That's because we have always lived in smaller wards and you are more comfortable that way. You are doing great work and the Lord knows where you are needed.
Last Monday all the sisters in my zone went shopping. I was proud of myself because I only bought three items lol. Two bottles of lotion, and a really awesome sweatshirt :) I forgot to take a picture of it, but its from forever 21 and has a huge toy story picture on it. Its pretty legit ha-ha. 
Today Sprague and I are going to hang out at one of the sisters homes. We are just planning on writing letters home, and just chillaxing, which sounds super nice right about now. 
Mom have you decorated the house yet with Christmas? We bought a tree last week thats 3 ft tall (sadly its plastic). The ornaments are blue and silver, and on each ornament we attached a slip of paper, and on it it says one thing we are grateful for. Its actually pretty cute :) 
This week is going to be extremely busy. We already have 16 appointments set up, and we normally make like 15 appointments during the week, so this should be fun teaching a bajillion people.
Like I said, i'm planning on writing letters today, so expect something soon in the mail. :)
Have a fantabulous week! Love you all lots.
Sister Cannon :)
I asked her if she needed anything and she replied..
Gift cards and music cd's, gift cards to target, WalMart, Chipotle :) Burger King and the like, or just a visa card that is accepted anywhere. I'm not too picky :)

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