Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feb 17. 2014 letter
Hi there!
I had another splendid week :) 26 lessons taught- not too shabby haha.
We met with Denzel 5 times this past week. Looks like he is set for his baptism this Saturday at 5pm :) I honestly wasn't expecting a baptism this soon in parker. Parker is known for being very hard to find people to teach and baptize- but I guess that doesn't apply to us ;)
Today is going to be a great day. After emailing we're going ice skating with some members or the ward, and then afterwards we're going shopping to help a recent convert find some modest church clothes :)
Then Maryn, an awesome girl in our ward, is making us dinner. (Well we always end up help making it because she is never on time, but that's okay, its part of the fun :)
 Then we have some awesome lessons lined up. Meeting with John, who honestly is my favorite. He's had a lot of hard things happen to him, but we've been able to see sooo much progress/change in him since we starting meeting with him.
 Then we're meeting with Lindsey, who is the FHE Co-Chair, and helping her with her missionary efforts.
 Then we're meeting with Denzel, and President Toombs is coming to the lesson with us again. We finished all the PMG lessons, so we're planning on going over the Atonement.
We had zone conference (3 zones get together for some awesomeness) on Thursday and we had some amazing trainings. We role played the first principle, God is Our Loving Heavenly Father, a million times, and each time I learned something new, Its really helped my teaching. Sometimes I forget that not everyone understand the Nature of God (not that I completely do) but I don't always remember that they wern't raised with the idea that Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bones. I don't know, it just makes sense to me lol. Makes it way more personal talking to a person (a glorified being, but a person) than to a great big mist. So doing the role plays really helped me understand a lot better the people that I'm teaching.
Guys, I love it here. I might not come home- just stay in Parker forever. :)
Just kidding, I'd miss the rain and fog too much... hahaha
Love you all so much! Youda best :)

sports night at YSA!

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