Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter as of 03/10/2014

Transfers are this Monday. This past transfer has gone so incredibly fast, not fair.
This past week has been pretty slow. We were only able to teach 21 lessons this week, half of them were with active members. Its great that we are able to help strengthen the members so much, but I want to teach nonmembers!
On Wednesday we threw a surprise party four one of our sister training leaders. She's never had a birthday party before! Struggles of being the youngest of 11 I guess. It was a lot a fun, we had a fiesta! Me and sister falke made some bomb salsa. Super yummy.
Yesterday we had a fantastic stake conference. There was a lot of drama going around though, because every ward in the stake (7 of them) had their boundaries changed. I'm really excited though, its really going to help the missionaries find more people to teach.
Our Stake President, Pres. Carpenter is seriously the best. He is seriously a man called of God. He gave an invitation to the stake that I wanted to challenge you all to do as well. To help 2 people be closer to the savior this year. One of them will be on the other side of the veil.
After conference, our family history specialist in the ward, Anna, taught a class about doing family history. It was actually really cool! A name popped up that says I have an opportunity to do someone's work. Its dads grandfathers sister-in-law. Pina Ceola Williamson. I'm apparently supposed to ask permission before I'm allowed to reserve the name. And Dad your the closest living relative. May I do her work? :) Who knew family history could be so fun! I'm really excited to learn how to do it more.
Its just such a great opportunity to be able to do missionary work. What if she accepted the gospel years and years ago, but she just having been baptized yet? Its actually really sad to think about it.
I love love love being a missionary guys. Its seriously the best.
Oh and while out doing the work we came across some random cows, how funny...
Also, I love love love you all as well :)

 Hope life is wonderful in rainy Seattle.
Love always! -Sister Jessica Cannon

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