Sunday, March 9, 2014

Letter from 3/10/2014

So I'm now in week 5 of this transfer. That's so insane- time flies so incredibly fast.  This Friday it will be my 7 month mark. Holy cow! I cant even believe it. 
On Monday I got my hair cut by Sister Falke. I really like it. Its basically the same length but it now has layers in it and I have side bangs again, which is definitely something im trying to get used to lol. Later in the day we went to Maryns, and she put a blonde streak in both of our hairs. Its not very noticeable because its under most of my hair, but I know its there, and it was just something fun that we wanted to do as companions.
Monday evening we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders (STL's). They seriously are the best. I served in the Clarke Farms ward with Sister Burnett. It was soooo cold! It snowed the entire day, but it didn't really stick that much, thank goodness. I always learn so much when I go on exchanges. We had a really amazing experience when I was with Sister Burnett. We went to go visit this former investigator, Cylia. Super sweet Hispanic woman. Turns out her brother commited suicide three weeks back. She went to church for the first time since it happened on Sunday (to a catholic church) and they told her that her brother won't remember who she is, because in heaven the only relationship that matters is the one with God.. She told us that as the preacher/pastor/father (whatever the phrase is... sorry I'm super ignorant of other religions) was talking, she was thinking "I remember when I was younger and my mom used to take me to the Mormon church, they taught that families are sealed and can be together forever" She then asked us if that was true, if we believe in sealing the family. We obviously said yes :) and taught her the plan of salvation. At the end of the super spiritual lesson we sang her a hymn "Abide with me tis eventide" We were all crying by the end of it, but I think it really brought her some peace.
I love being a missionary.
The rest of the week was pretty great, nothing too exciting happened besides the everyday miracles. We ended up teaching 25 lessons, not too shabby. We haven't been able to get back up to 28 lessons, but I know it will happen.
OH! I almost forgot! We got a new investigater on Thursday. Her name is Latoya. Honestly I think she is the first black person I have seen since I've been here in Parker. She is super awesome. We taught her the first discussion, and invited her to be baptized. She said is she comes to know its true, she will be baptized, which isn't a immediate yes but its not an immediate no either. :)
I hope you all had the best week ever. I know I did :)
-Sister Jessica Cannon


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