Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I had such a great week. And a fantastic birthday!
Big news first. I got transferred again! But I got to stay with Sister Falke :) :) I'm still in Parker, which is so great, but now I'm serving in a family ward, Dove Valley. I'm honestly so pumped for this transfer.
PARKER DISTRICT where she is serving...
At transfer doctrine on Saturday night we found out that we'd be staying together. We immediately relaxed and then they told us we were getting transferred! It was super unexpected. Now Crowfoot has Elders in it... not sure how that's going to work haha.
I had the best birthday. Sister Falke woke up ridiculously early and made me a delicious breakfast. Omelets, sausage, hash browns, strawberries, and toast. Yuuum :) It was so cute.
notice the matches instead of candles....
After stuffing ourselves with food, we went to church. Bishop had us both share our testimonies over the pulpit, and then afterwards he told everyone to make sure they wish me happy birthday.. super embarrassing. We didn't go to Sunday school because one of my favorite members, Maryn, had a surprise birthday party for me and made me an awesome chocolate cake.
blowing out candles, oh wait they aren't lit...can't have fire in church ;)
 Then in relief society they all sang me happy birthday. After church we went to the Hilliers for dinner. She made me chicken alfredo and some legit olive garden breadsticks. We had brownies and ice cream for dessert- mine had a birthday candle on it that sung to me haha.
I did get your package on Thursday. Thank you so much! Made my day. We haven't made the cake yet, too sweetened out. We'll probably make it tomorrow. Or tonight. Haha.
This past transfer we didn't go under 20 lessons once. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up the record this transfer!
I cant believe I just started my 6th transfer out in the field. Time is flying by so incredibly fast, its honestly scaring me. Before I know it my mission will be over, which I'm so not looking forward too.
I love you all so incredibly much! Your the best.
Love Sister Jessica Cannon :)

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