Monday, February 10, 2014

On Monday, February 10, 2014 
I don't even know how to begin! :) :)
Well to start off- we taught a total of 28 lessons. Let me repeat, that was TWENTY EIGHT lessons! Crowfoot Ysa ward hasn't hit that number in years. Let me tell ya- I'm still jumping up and down with excitement.
And WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATER. His name is Denzel, his friend John invited him to take to lessons at his home. Johns dad is actually Elder Hillier Of the Seventy, so that's pretty cool I guess :)
And just you wait- theres still some more exciting news. :)
We invited him (Denzel) to be baptized- AND HE SAID YES!!! He's getting baptized next Saturday, the 22nd :) :) :) He's already been to church 3 times and he loves it, so no worries there.
President Toombs actually came to the lesson with us. He has been trying to go to all set first discussion lessons, because he wanted to get back out there and teach. So that was super frightening for him to be sitting right next to us- but it went really really well so that's a relief.
This past week I have never been happier. I absolutely LOVE my new companion. Seriously though, she is the sweetest girl I have ever met. We haven't had an major or minor really disagreements at all. Shes a little bit of a slob- she has 987907034906 clothes so that's always fun.
I'm a little in shell shock because this week has gone so incredibly well. The beginning of the week we got dropped by our other investigater Kyle, but that's okay because we got exploded by miracles the next couple of days.
I am so so so so incredibly glad I decided to serve a mission. Its seriously the best thing I could have done for myself. Ive been able to learn so much and grow from the experiences that I've been blessed to have.
I love you all! Hope your all as happy as I am because I'm ecstatic right now :)
Peace and Blessings! ha-ha.
-Sister Cannon
P.S. A new member allowed us to hold his gecko, my new best friend, Sister Fauke was not such a fan...

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