Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter as of 1/26/2015


Time is going so incredibly fast. 3 more weeks time I see everyone! Super stoked. 

This week has been wonderful.  The best day though was Saturday. Two weeks ago I got a phone call from some missionaries in the Denver stake. They said that Cheri Chavez was getting baptized, and she asked if I could come and support her. I taught Cheri when I was in Parker. She was so close to being baptized then, but her husband wouldn't give her permission, so she ended up dropping us a week before her baptismal date. Turns out she started meeting with missionaries again a month ago, this time in the Denver stake since she had some friends that were members and were fellowshipping her there. Because she lives in Parker though, she got baptized in Denver, but confirmed in Parker. Pretty confusing haha but whatever. I was able to get permission to go down to Denver and witness her baptism. Oh man, I was so incredibly happy I could be there. She was literally glowing with the Spirit. She is one of my favorite people I have ever taught. She would always take notes excitedly when we would teach her, and her book of Mormon was always marked with a ton of the questions she would have. She is going to be a great addition to the church.

This week we've been pretty busy preparing Ruth, and also Jakob, for their baptisms. Everything is looking great for them to be baptized this Saturday, and Sunday. I was asked to speak about Baptism at Ruth's baptism service.

Other than that news, this week has been pretty normal and uneventful. We met with a lot of less active members of the church this week, so that was pretty cool. I love seeing the Light re-enter their eyes as they return to the gospel. 

Hope all is well back home! Can't wait till I can see everyone :) Love you tons and tons and tons, and even more.
Have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Cannon

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