Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter from 1/5/2014

Hello from Henderson CO! :)

Thats right, i got transferred. I'm serving in the Brighton Zone- Henderson ward. My companion is Sister Peck, she's from Texas, and been out 13 months. That's about all I know of her hahaha.

I am so stoked to be back in a family ward for my last transfer. 

Funny story about transfers though. Saturday we gathered as a zone to hear who was going where. When they announced my name, they said I would be serving in Parker, Newlin meadows ward, Man, i was sooo happy, I really wanted to end my mission in Parker. Well Sunday morning I got a call from the AP's, and they said there was a mistake on the printout, and I actually was supposed to come to Brighton. I was pretty bummed, not going to lie, but whatever this transfer is still going to be great. Sister Falke, and Sister Hoemann, some of my past companions, both served in this ward at one point, and i only heard good tings about this area. 

This past week has been pretty great. Me and Sister Hoemann worked incredibly hard, and saw a lot of miracles. Both of us felt like we were going to get swept out of the ward (meaning both of us leave, and two new missionaries come into the ward) so we wanted to make sure everything was set for that. Turns out we were right, we both got transferred out. Sister Harker is in the South Aurora area. 

New Years eve was a party for us. We had to be home by 6pm, mission rules. We ordered pizza, which took an hour and forty five minutes to deliver, we did face masks, coconut oil hair treatments, manicures and pedicures, and drank sparkling cider. :) All super girly things. Except maybe the pizza hahaha.  The pictures from that night are hilarious, i cant wait till you see them. I accidentally left my camera in my suitcase, which sucks because I finally took a lot of pictures this week, but i guess that just means you'll get double next week!

This transfer is going to be amazing. I'm determined to fulfill 2 Timonthy 4:7. I have lots of big goals for this transfer with Sister Peck. I only have 6 weeks left, practically nothing, but still a ton of time to see a ton of miracles.

Love you all so incredibly much!
Peace and blessings :)
<3 Sister Jessica Cannon

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