Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter from 2/2/2015

Tumbleweeds actually exist! They are all over CO haha.

I heard the Seahawks put up a good fight! Sad they lost though :( I've had plenty of people rub it in my face haha. 

This week was so great. Well- at least the weekend was haha. The week itself was pretty slow :) But oh well! Ruth Main got baptized on Saturday!! And Jakob Hays got baptized on Sunday!! Both of the programs went great, no hiccups or anything. I was asked to speak on Baptism at Ruths service. I think it went well, all things considering. I still really havent gotten over my dislike of speaking in front of a large crowd. 

We're down to zero investigators now haha. We'll have to focus on finding a lot this week. We did get a super promising referral from a member this week. She said that her best friend has been asking her a lot of questions, so the member asked her friend if she could send the missionaries over to her. The friend seemed pretty excited about it! We have an appt with her later on this week.

I made another quilt for charity...

Other than that its been the same old same old. Me and my companion have been having a hard time working together. She doesn't really talk- at all, in conversation or lessons. Its been pretty difficult but whatever. I'm with her for a reason- i just have to figure it out haha.  

14 days till i see you all! Cant wait!!!
Love you tons and tons.
Sister Cannon

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