Thursday, January 15, 2015

Letter as of 1/12/14

Oh man! This week has been fantastic! Can't wait to tell you all about it :)

 last picture with other comanion

Starting with Monday: 

Obviously I got transferred, as was updated last week. 

picture with new ccompanion Sis Peck

In the evening we went and visited a new investigator, that the previous missionaries had phone two 
days prior of my arriving. Ruth Main and her husband, Warren (he's been less 
active for 40+ years) They have quickly found a place in my heart. We had barely 
sat down when she said "Sisters, I'm ready to get baptized. All we need to do is set a date."
After recovering from shock, haha we set the date of January 31st. We had
her kneel down in prayer right there, and confirm the 31st as the day she
should get baptized, and afterwards there was such an undeniable sense of
peace. We taught her and her husband the plan of salvation, which went

Tuesday we did service at Kids Quilts. Each year they send hundreds ob
blankets to children in need after natural disasters, or just impoverished
areas. Seeing as my sewing experience goes to the one pillow I made, I have
a lot to learn. It was a lot of fun though! I already have finished one
blanket, and working on another. They will make a pro out of me yet :)

Wednesday we had interviews with President Mendenhall. Man, he is such a
great man. He gave me some really great advice on how to finish strong,
which I was grateful for.

Later that evening we met with Paul, a less active recent convert. Sister
Falke had actually taught him when she served in this area.

Thursday we had zone meeting, and we started a mission wide fast to prepare
for the mission conference the next day. In the evening I went on splits
for the first time (Companions split up with members in the ward to visit
ppl) It was so weird not being with my companion! I realized how often I
speak in plural being a missionary. I caught my self saying WE promise
you... etc instead of I promise you. Pretty funny, hope I can kick that
habit when I get home. :)

zone leaders

Friday. Oh Friday. Elder Bednar came and visited the mission It was so
incredibly amazing. We sat in the front row so we can get the best
experience :) he spoke on receiving revelation by studying by faith. Then
for over an hour, he just did a question and answer session. It ranged what
sports he enjoyed, to deep questions of the soul. Pretty cool to hear his
thoughts. Later in the evening we had dinner with The Mains (see above) and
then taught the the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism,
Receiving the gift of the Holy GHost, and Enduring to the End). We found
out in the lesson that Warren had met with the Bishop earlier that day, and
he got the Okay to baptize Ruth. Soo excited about that! They are already
planning on getting sealed next January. They had also gotten a family
search account in the week, so they can start preparing names to take to
the temple :) They are so prepared, its not even funny.

Saturday we had breakfast with the Stake Presidency, and then visited a
couple of members.

Damien and Jake! Two of my favorite people in Maplewood

Sunday we had church (Sacrament was soo loud! Definitely an adjustment from
the young single adult ward) And the evening we went and visited the Hays, a
less active family that's returning to the church. We've been teaching their
9 y/o son so he can get baptized. We set him on date for February 1st, so
we'll have two baptisms in a row :) This transfer is going to be so great,
and has been great, and its only been a week!

I'm excited to see the other miracles that can happen in this area.

Hope you had a great week, and are adjusting to the new house! Love you
tons and tons.

Make good choices ;)
Love,  Sister Jessica Cannon

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