Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter as of 10/27/14

Major miracles have happened this past week. 

We now have three investigators with a baptism date, all three of them came to church, and we have a surprise baptism that's happening this Sunday! WOAH! 

I thought this day would never come. Damien is a new investigator we started teaching last Monday night. He's been taught in the past by missionaries, but in the wrong ward. SO they just transitioned him to us, and so we've been teaching him like crazy, preparing for his baptism this Sunday. He hadn't been taught any of lessons four or five, which are the commandments, and laws and ordinances. Which covers a lot hehe. Yesterday we taught him the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity. Fun stuff lol. Ha, but in all reality it went really well, and he is so excited about his baptism. And so am I! Its been forever since my last baptism. Things are finally picking up!

Sister Hoemann and I were house sitting and got to play with Blue the awesome

Me and S. Hoemann get along great. There hasn't been a single day of our companionship that we don't laugh. Its such a refreshing change. We work super hard together, and its great. She's a rockstar, let me tell ya.

Both of us had to speak in sacrament meeting. They called us early Sunday morning and let us know. They assigned me to speak on my favorite conference talk.. But since I didn't have access to a computer I had to rely on my notes, so it wasn't the best it could have been. Oh well! Got that over and done with. Its only the 3rd time I've had to speak in sacrament meeting, so I think I might be off the hook until I come home. Success! :)

We carved pumkins for p-day last week and here are a few pictures of what we came up with...mine was Harry Potter :) 

Uhhh, other than that its been a pretty normal week. Sorry its not the most epic length.

Love you tons and tons and tons!
Have a swell week!

Much love, Sister Jessica Cannon

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