Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter as of 9/29/2014

Hiiiiii !

Another week has past, insane! Time moves so fast. I cant believe my mission is almost over, transfers are in two weeks, and then I only have two more after that. Super crazy!

This week was a lot of fun. We went to the zoo on Monday! The computer wont let me upload any pictures though :( so I'll send them next week, I promise!

Sunday we found a new investigator! His name is Jake. He is legit. He is also the third Jake we are teaching, the other two are less active ha-ha. A member brought him to church and introduced him to us. I'm pumped to be able to teach him!

Saturday we were on exchanges. I went with S. Packer in the Bible Park ward. It was so good to be back in a family ward, even if it was just for one day! Hopefully I get to serve in family next transfer. Not that I don't love Maplewood, I truly do, but I'm a little over it ha-ha.

Saturday evening we got a call from President, letting us know we'll be in a trio for the next two weeks. Sister Meteer is our new comp! She only has two weeks left in the mission field. Her last companion had to leave two weeks early because of school, so that's why she is with us. I want to ask her a billion questions about how she is feeling about leaving soon, but I wont because I know it will be super distracting for her. Shes super sweet, and we get along really well.

The weather here has been really bipolar. It rains basically everyday, but only for a little while. I guess its prepping me for Seattle in a couple of months :) Im pretty worried about this winter, everyone is saying its going to be really bad because it was such a wet, cold summer. I HATE the cold. It makes it no fun to go out and work. That's why I could never go to school in Idaho or Utah, because of their winters. No gracias!

We haven't been doing so hot on total lessons this transfers. Every week we can only get 11 lessons. Nothing more, nothing less. Its ridiculous! Ha but this week looks super promising, we have 14 set appointments, plus the other random ones we can find, so it should be better.

The really awesome things about being in a trio is that we can get into any house, because we have a third girl. That way we don't have to try and make an apt and then they forget about it, we can just go inside and knock there socks off with our teaching skills! Or the Spirits teaching skills, same thing.

Oh! On Wednesday, we are gathering as a mission, and we get to watch Meet the Mormons. It doesn't come out till Saturday, but we get to see it early so we can use it as a missionary tool. I'm super pumped to be able to watch an actual movie! Are they showing in anywhere near you guys? You should definitely go if you can !

Something I cant wait for as well is General Conference. Its going to be so great. The woman's broadcast was exactly what I needed to hear, so I cant wait for the rest of it. We'll most likely watch it at the church, no members have invited us to watch it with them at home. Oh well! It'll still be super duper wonderful.

Anywhoooos! I love you so incredibly much! Thanks for all you do!

Sister Jessica Cannon <3

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