Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter as of 9/22/2014

What a good week!

It was pretty much jam-packed with awesomeness.

Monday we finally went to the 16th street mall in downtown Denver, we went with some sisters in the zone. It was a lot of fun! I didn't end up buying anything just because everything was ridiculously expensive, but we were able to just mess around and window shop. 

Afterwards we had a super amazing lesson with this less active woman named Sara. She's been struggling a lot with the knowledge that our Heavenly Father loves her. She can say that He loves all His children, but she cant feel it just for herself. The Spirit testified so incredibly while we were there, and we asked her to say the closing prayer. All she got out was Dear Heavenly Father, do you love me. Then she just paused, and paused some more, and it went a little longer, and she just started crying because you could just feel Gods love for her in force. It truly was an amazing experience. We get to meet with her again this evening, I cant' wait.

On Wednesday we were able to go to the Temple! I always feel like its been forever and ever since we last went, even though we are blessed to be able to go once a month, Afterwards we went to zone meeting, which was wonderful as always. We have some amazing leaders in this mission, that's for sure. As soon as zone meeting let out, we got a call from this woman named Ann. She told us she has a copy of the book of Mormon, has visited, and would like to meet with us to learn more... after recovering from out shock, because that literally never happens, we set up an appointment with her for Friday. The lesson went so incredibly well, but we found out she is 32. Ugh. So we'll have to pass her off to the family missionaries this week.

(found some BIG cows) decided to have a picnic :)

Thursday morning we had interviews with our mission president and his wife. We met with them separately, so I was with president while Sister Grossman met with Sister Mendenhall. Bother of them told me that I most likely will be getting transferred next transfer. Which I am oddly okay with. I'm ready to be back in family ward, and since I only have three transfers left its the perfect time for me to move. President Mendenhall asked if there was any specific area I wanted to serve in. I said no, but I did have a companion I wanted to serve with. I told him I wanted to be with sister mata'itusi again. I explained that we started our mission together, so it would be really cool to end our mission together and see how much each of us has grown. He looked like he was actually considering it! He even wrote it down haha. That would be so amazing if I could serve with her again! Who knows. 3 more weeks till I can find out haha.

Friday we found a new investigator! His name is Luis. So, funny story about him. He's been coming to church this past month, every week, and I never knew he wasn't a member, he just fit right in. Well Sister Grossman asked who he was, I didn't know, so we went up and introduced ourselves. He said he wasn't a member but wanted to learn more.. haha man I cant believe he's been coming this long and we didn't realized he was a nonmember. Facepalm.

service, took 2 hours to remove cause we couldn't use any power tools...

Thanks so much for your last letter, and for including the talk the miracle of a mission by Holland. It was fantastic, and made me rethink of few things. Hope you had a great week as well! 

Love you soooo much.

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