Monday, September 15, 2014


Hellllloooooo! :)

This week was so super great. Why you may ask? Because a general authority came and visited our mission on Saturday! Any guesses who? Holland? Oaks? The Prophet himself? Wrongo bongo. Elder Larry R Lawrence of the 70 came and visited us. :) But it was actually really amazing. I liked his wifes presentation better, in all honesty. She talked about the House of Isreal, and that blessings that coming from being part of it, something I had never given much thought. Man, mind blown. I learned so much about the tribes of Isreal. Just in out mission alone, besides belonging to Ephraim or Manasseh, there are some missionaries that belong to Dan, Rueben, and one from Levi. One girl said her blessing stated she was from Jacob.. but not which tribe. So cool! I forgot my notes at home so I cant tell you all the cools things I learned haha. One thing I do remember is that less that 2% of the world belongs to the house of Isreal. When we talk about finding the Elect, we actually mean finding through of that heritage. Who knew?

At the Sister breakaway, Sis Lawrence shared with us a talk titled To Young Woman by Elder Holland. Its a goldmine, you should read it.
We finally found a new investigator this past week! His name is Maurice. We met him at the library last week haha. Hopefully good things will come out of this! :) Still no news on David, that stinker. I cant believed he hasn't contacted us in over 3 weeks. I am so incredibly bummed.
I'm pretty sure each week these letters get shorter and shorter. Sorry! I hate writing so much and then not have the opportunity to talk to you. Things here are great. On the final stretch of my mission, which honestly freaks me out. But the works good, the ward is wonderful, and I'm getting to know my companion. 

Hope everything is well back home! Know that I love you all so incredibly much, and am grateful for all that you do. Have a great week!

Much love, Sister Jessica Cannon

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