Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter from 8/25/2014

Oh hello!

My life dream has come true. We played Quidditch on zone p-day. 

So incredibly fun! We had three different sized hula hoops that made up the goals, a four-square ball that was the Quaffle, and four plush balls that made the Bludgers. Elder Brennan (The shortest missionary) was the snitch. He had to run around the entire park with two other Elders trying to tag him. Funniest thing to watch, ever. We played for about 3 hours, and I was so exhausted by the end of it. I'll have to teach everyone how to play when I get home :)

ZONE P-DAY the group that played Quidditch....

Tuesday was a day of miracles. We taught some amazing lessons to some super great less actives. One, Travis, has been trying to give up coffee, because his dream is to go to the temple one day. He is having the hardest time quitting though. He previously had been addicted with Crystal Meth, and he has been clean for 10 months now. So he's so frusterated with himself that he cant give up something so simple as coffee. I remembered that really gross drink you drank all the time mom, the barley substitute for coffee, and so I mentioned it to him, and he seemed really excited about it. We told him we would buy him the first container.. Which was a mistake haha. We could not find it absolutely anywhere! We tried Walmart, Target, King Soopers, (its the equivalent of Safeway here) and Walgreens. And nothing. We asked an older lady who was in the coffee aisle in one of the stores, and she said Oh I know it used to be popular with the Mormons awhile back, but I don't think they sell it anymore. Haha. When I told her That's us! As in the Mormons she gave us a look that looked like she was about to sneeze lol. The reactions of some people, I swear. Well anyway we didn't give up and tried one last place, Whole Foods. And we found it! Now that's finding with faith. :) We gave it to him yesterday at church, and he told us he wished he could hug us because he was so grateful. :) Man I love serving here.

Wednesday we went to the temple!

 Apparently we are like one of the only missions in the world (besides missions in Utah) that go to the temple every single month. SLC is trying to decrease our temple attendance to only once every 3 months. I told President he could do that starting in February haha. Then that day we found a potential investigater that is from Federal Way! We reminisced about all the wonderful things found there. :)

Saturday was so incredibly fun. Our Stake held their annual fair, and there were over 1500 people who came! There was so much food, games, and dancing. We may or may now have participated in some of the line dancing :) I took a couple of videos, but they are too long to post via email. I'll send my flash card home soon so you can see them all. They are goldmines though. Pretty hilarious.

Man, transfers are next week. Im like 99.9% sure I'm staying. Not sure about Sister Vest. It seems like President Mendenhall likes to keep companions together for two transfers, so that will be fun if we stay together. But who knows. So I will either email late on Monday, or wont get to it till Tuesday. We'll see! :)

love ya bunches! -Sister Jessica Cannon

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