Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter as of 8/18/2014

Man this week was pretty slow. Grrr, that's never fun. But! It still
happened to be a super great week.

Also, I had a crazy dream last night. Don't laugh. Soo I dreamt that
 I had just gotten home. Home as in home home, as in Federal Way. But the
 house we pulled up to definitely wasn't the house I remember. And I kept
asking everyone if we moved, but you all kept saying no, we didn't move.
And I kept getting frustrated because I KNEW that the house was not the one
on 328th, and everyone kept lying to me ha-ha. And then all my old
friends came and introduced themselves to me. And I was weirded out because I knew
them, and yet they were acting like they didn't know me at all. And then I
finally gave up, and introduced myself, saying Hi! I'm ......  Jessica?
Woah it was so weird saying my first name. So basically moral of the story
is that I'm not ever coming home, sorry, end deal. :)

Back to missionary life though.

On exchanges with Sister Hardy. Our goal for that day was to hand out 100 of the restoration pamphlets. 
We only got to 83 :( 

David is so pumped for baptism. 18 days left! Cant wait. 

Also we had zone conference on Tuesday,  but it honestly feels like three weeks ago. 
Man time is so weird out here.  ZC had Denver & Denver South zones, Westminister, 
and Arvada zones. Super great to see everyone! I may or may not have left my camera at home-
I don't know. might be remembering wrong.. Which means I probably don't have any
pictures this week. My bad :)

I might get my hair cut today. I'm still deciding. I'm so bored with my hair.
I might get a longer A-Line. Who knows.

Oh! That reminds me. Turns out I'm super indecisive about everything. I realized if someone asks me a
question, like where do you want to eat, I never know how to give a solid answer ha-ha. 
Its a struggle for sure. :) Sister Vest is pretty much the same way, so its been interesting.

Hows home? Hopefully ya'll didn't move on me, and then didn't tell me  :)

Hahaha. Well anywhooos. I love you all so much. Thanks for all the
wonderful support that is so needed. I definitely couldn't do this without
you. Your the best!

Hugs and kisses and all that gooshy stuff.
Sister Cannon

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