Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter as of 8/4/2014

Hello! This week has been super good!

We had interviews with our mission president earlier this week. It was great to get to know him a little better. Not nearly as cool as Pres. Toombs, but he's growing on me :)

Don't you love the fake fire, but I do love being in my own apartment...

 Speaking of President Toombs! He called us last night! :) :) Here's the story. We got a text from a number we didn't know, asking if this was sister cannon and sister vest. We said yes, and asked who we were talking to. He replied and said someone from your past. And then send who misses you very much. Then sent I'm back in Denver today. We thought at first it was our investigator Abdul who has been in Saudi Arabia the past few weeks. The he said he wasn't Abdul but he had helped teach him once. We decided to just call the number, and it was President Toombs! He thought he was so funny ha-ha. Man It was soo good to talk to him! He met Sister Vests grandmother (he spoke in her sacrament meeting) and told Gma that He would say hello to us for her. That silly man. :) After we talked for a little bit he called back ha-ha and asked if we wouldn't tell other missionaries that he called us so they wouldn't be upset that he did it to us. Cant help we're his favorite :)

Its been raining so incredibly much lately. The other day it rained nonstop. The fields behind our apartment couldn't handle it, and it flooded over. Me and Sister Vest thought it would be a good idea to play in it on our lunch break. She had rain boots, and I didn't, so I put on my snow boots from winter. Turns out they are not water proof. At all.... :)

So I'm back to not getting fed every night. Struggles of serving in a YSA ward :) So we've been cooking a lot at home. I've gotten pretty pro at it actually. I can cook (and eat!) all sorts of things I didn't before my mission. Like we made enchiladas, and cilantro lime rice the other day. So yummy! Then we had extra rice so I made rice and cinnamon. Mhmm :)

Sorry its not the longest letter! I've been really lame at that..

Love you all so much!
Sis Cannon

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