Monday, May 26, 2014

Letter as of 5/26/2014

Hello everyone!

 I hope you all had a fantastic week! I cant believe its already week 5 of transfer 7. Where did all the time go?

We found a new investigator this week! His name is David, he's super great. We only had time to teach him the first half of lesson one but it went really well. Cheri has been progressing so incredibly much. Her baptism is set forJune 28th and she's really excited for it. Shes rearranged her work schedule so she can start coming to church every week. She's already asking if she can have a calling in the ward lol. She said her first prayer the other night! She was raised saying tbe Lords Prayer and so this was her first nonscripted prayer ever. It seriously was the most heartfelt, honest prayer I have ever heard. It was fantastic :) I'm so excited for her.

I really hope I don't get transferred in two weeks, that would stink.  I really don't think I will though, this is Presidents last transfer and I don't think he will change a lot of things before he leaves.

Brooke went to the temple for the first time in 6 years! We were able to do baptisms with her on Wednesday, which was so so so incredibly fantastic.

                                                   Its raining outside! Reminds me of home :)

So something fun that I have been doing in my studies is I have a blank copy of the book of Mormon, and as I'm reading the only thing I highlight/circle are the names of Christ. Its amazing to see how often he is mentioned on every page. The average is about 10 per page I've found.

Exchanges with the sister training leaders went fantastic as always. I love exchanges, I always learn so much. Turns out Sister Boyd is as huge of a harry potter fan as I am. We ended up trying to stump each other with random trivia facts. I totally won. Then we felt bad that we weren't as focused as we could be so we played book of Mormon trivia instead.

There is this super awesome member family we teach pretty regularly, and there son just came home from a mission.Everytime we teach he always tries telling us better scriptures to share for the principles we teach, or if we share an object lesson he always says he's seen it a hundred times. So annoying.. Kevin, get out! Haha. 
Besides that hiccup its been a super great week.

 I love serving a mission, I love the Lord, and I love you guys.

-Sister Jessica Cannon

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