Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Letter as of 5/5/2014

Hi hi!

Oh wow, this week has been so insanely busy. Picked up my new companion on Monday, taught a bajillion lessons, well 22 but same thing, was given the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting, with ten minutes notice.... and today we are moving again so I was busy packing earlier as well. Insane!

And I haven't had sweets in 9 days, so that's impressive I think.

Short story long, I love missionary work :)

We taught some fantastic lessons this week, we met with Phil 3 times this week, and he finally progressing! He's reading the book of Mormon on his own, and he came to church! Well just the first hour, but still, he came.

We met with a lot of members this week, trying to introduce Sister Robbins to the ward and all that. Its weird being the senior companion haha. But things have been working pretty well, she's super great. A little young, but whatevs! She grew up in a small town of 1000 people.... that's so insane!

Saturday morning we had our stake missionary breakfast. The stake presidency has all the missionaries in the stake over for breakfast every other transfer, this time it was at stake president carpenters house. Its always so great, they feed us amazing food, and then give an even more amazing devotional afterwards. It was focused a lot of how to become a consecrated missionary.

And then President Crawford stood up (Maryns dad) and since it hadn't even been 24 hours since Maryn opened her mission call (She's going to the Houston East mission, Spanish speaking, reports to the Mexican MTC on July 23rd) he was a little emotional about missionary work, and his talk was 12 pieces of advice he wants to give his daughter before she left. It was so great.

Sister Cannon and Maryn

Since Maryn has become such a great friend to me, this talk really stood out to me. It wasn't anything profound, in fact the advice he gave us( for her) was: Get up on time, smile, have confidence, get involved with the ward, don't become casual about your mission, work, follow all the mission rules, serve your companion, trust the Lord, love everyone.
Like I said, nothing unheard of, but it was great to hear it from him.

Sunday right before sacrament meeting, Brother Behrmann the first counseler in the bishopric asked if I could speak because the speaker wasn't coming because she was sick. I almost asked if my companion would do it so that she could just jump right into things with the ward, but I didn't. I ended up talking a lot about Grace and the Atonement, I feel like it went really well, but who knows :)

So we get to move again today. My 3rd house in one week. We knew we wouldn't be staying with the Jensons for long, just didn't realize it would be this short. Sister Myrick was ready to have us move in earlier in expected. We could stay at the Jenson's for another week, but we just want to get settled into our new house.

Its been so beautiful the past couple of days. Its been in the low 80's and the sun has been out in force, its been great :) I'm getting a tan, you can notice it when I take off my watch, ha-ha.

Hope you are all doing fantastically swell! I love you!
-Sister Cannon

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