Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Letter as of March 31 2014

Hiiiiii !
What a fantastic week.
We hit 21 lessons this past week. Dove Valley hadn't hit 20 lessons in years, if not ever. We only keep the records for the past 3 years. AND WE FOUND 2 NEW INVESTIGATERS!!!
On Saturday we spent most of the morning at a members house baking cookies and other yummy treats. The plan was to make 2 plates for a couple of families in the ward. One for them to enjoy, and one to pass on to their neighbor. We had an odd number of plates, and we tried figuring out who needed the cookies. Sister Cunningham, the member we made cookies with, told us to go and visit this woman who used to take the discussions about a year ago. She pointed us to the right house, and we went but no one was home. :( That night our district opened a fast together, specifically that the work would hasten in the area and each companionship would find an investigator. Sunday after meetings we had about 30 minutes before church started, so we ran home and quickly got something to eat. But as soon as we got home, Sister Falke felt that we should go and visit Toni, the referral Sister Cunningham gave us the day before. We got to her house at 12:15 (Church starts at 12:30) and her and her husband were just chilling on their driveway, sitting on some lawn chairs. We walked up with the cookies and started talking, share a brief message, and asked if we could come back. John and Toni Hazlip are so going to get baptized haha. Fasting definitely works.
Today Sister Cunningham is taking us to Costco to shop. Pretty excited for that :)
Also something I'm excited for, is General Conference. Saturday we are watching it at the stake center with this less active, Brooke. Cool story about her. She hasn't come to church in over 6 years, and she randomly showed up to church last Sunday. We didn't know anyone at all, it was our first Sunday there, and we decided to sit next to her since she was sitting by herself. She is so great! She felt the spirit so strong, and when we asked if we would see her next time at church, she said Yes she will never not come again. :)
On Sunday morning we are having breakfast with some members in the ward, and watching the first session with them. For lunch we are eating at the Hilliers, and watching the last session there with a whole lot of YSAs. Its going to be wonderful.
When do you all leave for Utah? Give Grandma Metcalf my love. :)
You all are the best. Lots of love!
-Sister Jessica Cannon :)

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