Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter as of 4/14

Hey there, hi there, ho there! :)

My week was pretty good, a little slow, but that's okay!

We taught some great lessons this week, we were able to finally meet with Phil and his wife. We taught them the Restoration and invited him to be baptized.. He said Maybe in the next five years... haha so we'll have to work on that!
On Monday we had zone pday! It was so nice outside so we played soccer for about three hours and then had a picnic. Me and Sister Falke made ice cream cake! It turned out really good, but it was pretty much melted by the time we got to eat. But then it became a yummy milkshake :)
(President Toombs wrote to Sister Cannon to give her some words of encouragement as she was feeling a little discouraged and here is a bit of what he told her... Find your vision for your mission, what do you hope to accomplish. You are doing a great job and have made a difference in our mission. Thanks for all you are doing. I love you. She said it helped her a lot.) I thought they might help each of us too, where do we want to be and what is our vision for our life...
On Thursday we had Zone Meeting, and it was so great. The entire focus was on the Atonement. We had some super great trainings from our district leaders, zone leaders, and sister training leaders. We broke down the different aspects of the Atonement: Redeeming, cleansing, strengthening, and enabling powers of the atonement. They gave everyone a copy of the talk His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox I believe. I highly encourage everyone to read it, its fantastic. It was exactly what I needed to learn at the time.

Yesterday morning we had a 6am meeting. So gross. No one should be forced to wake up that early. And then we had another meeting at 9am, and then another at 11, and then church for three hours. Not to mention it was fast Sunday (because of general conference) and so it just made it a really long day for fasting, but that is okay! Extra blessings that way, right? :)

I wanted to share this link with everyone and I am asking each of you to watch it and share it with others...

Also, it snowed 4 inches yesterday. It was nonstop snow all day. I thought it was springtime?! I'm over this cold weather.


Also for p-day we decided to do facials ( I warned her I would be posting these so here you go...)

ok maybe just this one so as not to scare anyone too badly :)
Today me and sister Falke are going shopping. We got permission to go to a store we have been dying to go to but its across the street from our boundary line. I'm excited :)
This Wednesday we get to go to the temple! Our zone is assigned to the 5:30AM session, which is insanely early, but it means I get to watch the newest temple video! I've been wanting to see it forever. Or since it came out- which was only like 3 months ago... haha.
I love you all so so much! Hope you have a fantastic week.
Love, Sister Jessica Cannon

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