Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter as of 10/28/2013
Hello everyone!

Hope its not as cold home as it is here :/

This letter is going to be pretty short, it's been a pretty uneventful

This week has been pretty tough, but i've learned a lot from it.
We've only taught 3 lessons this week, and only to active members. Our
success in the area is at a standstill currently, but that's okay I
know it'll be so much better this week.

Our mission has had some awesome miracles happening recently.
President Toombs has received revelation that every single
companionship can have a baptism in December. That's 111
baptisms!!!!!!! We are calling this challenge White Christmas (I think
you can guess why lol) and our zone is Santas workshop. Our zone
(Westminster stake) has had 15 new investigators since Tuesday. That's
insane! But totally awesome :)

Sister Mataitusi and I have had to do a lot of tracting this week

Although we had a new investigater last Saturday, unfortunately we have yet
to meet up with her this week due to conflicting schedules. So to make tracting
more fun, and more productive, we have been bringing sisters in the ward with us for 2
hour blocks. So far we've had 4 sisters, and 2 laurels come out with
us this week.... which makes over 12 hours of tracting this week :/

Last Pday we invited some other sister missionaries over to our house,
and we baked lots of goodies :) Brownies, halloween cupcakes, and Oreo
truffles. We divided them up between companionships, and me and Sis. M
brought our half to this recent convert, Lara, who has been struggling
lately. Shes going through a pretty bad divorce, and her husband wont
allow her kids to have anything to do with the church, absolutely no
contact with them. The kids alternate every other week with their
parents, and Lara had the kids this week. We were pretty nervous to
drop by because we didnt want to cause her any trouble with her
husband, but we just felt really prompted to visit her. We talked on
her doorstep for about half and hour about turning to Christ for help,
and you can tell it was just what she needed. And she liked the
goodies too! I'm glad we decided to go over there.

Our primary program was this sunday. Holy cow it was so adorable.
Remember how the Curtis kid in Lacey would always sing super loud?
Well We had a kid like that, but 10 times better. He was sooo loud, it
was awesome. Unfortunately his mom is pretty by the book, and ended up
 taking him off the stage :/ Lame! But the whole program went really well.

Today for PDay we are planning on doing absolutely nothing but taking
naps, and painting nails, and putting on face masks that my companions
mom sent her. Its going to be great :) im so excited to be do nothing
at all.

Sorry this letter wasnt the most exciting!Hope you all have a fantastic week,

Sister Cannon

Below is their "Halloween Costume" they were asked to judge the chili cook off which is really funny =because Sister Cannon does not like chili. She did say she is learning to eat whatever is placed in front of her...

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