Monday, November 4, 2013

I don't even know where to begin.
So the beginning of the week was pretty boring, nothing really happened and we werent finding anyone to teach.
On Thursday (Halloween) we went service tracking, which is when we go rake in hand, door to door, asking if we could rake up their yard. I swear it was the coldest day in the year, but it was a ton of fun. We brought a laurel with us, so we were able to do the yards quicker and be able to get to more houses. The people we raked their yards for were super appreciative, and we plan on stopping by this week to all of them and sharing a message with them, which I am super excited about.
Since it was Halloween, we had to be inside our house by 6pm, for safety reasons I guess. We live in a very young neighborhood, and had 275 kids come get candy. (The swicegoods pass out king size candy bars ha). Sister Mataitusi and I were so bored, we deep cleaned out living area, decorated our planner for next transfer, and ended up just talking to our host family for a couple of hours, which was pretty nice to be able to get to know them better.
Friday we got a new investigater! His name is Pete, and he is in his 40s. We have been struggling for a long time finding a new investigater, so this was such a miracle to us. We have knocked on his door a handful of times before, but since he is a single man we have never been able to get inside his house. But this time we had another sister missionary with us (her companion is actually in the hospital... but she's coming home today!) and since we had another sister we were able to sit down inside (which was a relief because it was FREEZING outside). We talked for about an hour, and it was great. He said he is willing to take the discussions, but he "probably won't be converted". We all know what that means- he'll be the best mormon ever lol. 
Friday evening we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders (STL's) ---- thats where we have a different companion for a day. I ended up going to the Hidden Lake ward for 24 hours, and it was really great. We taught 9 lessons in one day! Which is more than I've ever done before. I definitely learned alot from it. While we were on exchanges, Sister Mataitusi and Sister Kim in Broadlands ward (my ward) they had a lesson with 2 different families that we have never been able to see. Seriously me and Sis. M have knocked on both their doors about 20 times now, and they finally answered while I was gone. ANNNNNNDDDD they also found 2 MORE INVESTIGATERS. Ken & Debi are former investigaters from a couple of years ago, and each time missionaries knocked on their door since 2010 they always say they are not interested... but when Sisters M and Kim knocked they welcomed them right in! What a huge miracle, we are so excited.
Sunday was great. During Relief Society, a bishopric member came and pulled us aside and said there is a woman sitting on the couch (nonmember) who has an appointment to go to the family history center, but she arrived thirty minutes early. He asked us if we would be willing to talk to her so she wouldnt be by herself, and of course we said yes! We talked to her for about 30 minutes about Christs love, and how she can find happiness in the gospel. The spirit was so incredibly strong, and she wants us to come back to her house and teach her and her son. We set up a return appointment for Tuesday, and that is when we found out she is outside our mission.... so we immediately referred her to the elders in that area, who happened to be at the church at that time. Boo.
But thats okay! Because earlier in the week, this inactive woman Lindsey Pollaccia, called us out of the blue. Now the Pollaccias are known for wanting no contact with the church, and basically every member has told us 'Good luck trying to teach them'. Well she called and said 1) Her 10 y/o daughter Kaya wants to baptized, 2) the whole family plans on coming to church on sunday and 3) they wanted to feed us dinner sunday. MIRACLE ALERT! :)
So Sunday comes, they all come to church, had a great time. That evening we went to their house, had an amazing italian dinner, and taught Kaya the first lesson and invited her to be baptized. So thats our 4th investigater in 3 days! Every sunday they plan on feeding us dinner (they are amazing cooks) and they we will teach Kaya. We have to cancel a couple of dinners this month because some active members signed up to feed us on sundays, but this is more important we feel. :)
So basically i'm still jumping up and down with excitement. The Lord has really blessed this area and my companionship, and I just cant wait to teach all these wonderful people.
Thank you sooo much for sending the CD's !!! You said Sister. DeCramer made them? Go give her a huge hug for me! They're awesome. We had only 6 cd's before that we listened to, but its been 3 months of just those 6 cd's, so she saved us from going insane. :) 
Love Sister Cannon
Memory Board in her room!
Sister Hunt was home sick on pday so we all decided to visit her. Excuse my awkwardness.... :)

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