Friday, October 4, 2013

What a week.

I feel like I say that each time I write home, but wow. :) PDay we were at the house almost all day. We left to email and food shop, and the rest of the time we stayed home and relaxed.
Twas wonderful. Sisters Faulk & Mataitusi took a nap, and I wrote letters and read for a little bit. It was super nice to relax and just not have to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. :)

We had a couple of great appointments during the week, mostly with inactives. We found out that we were moving houses again. So we were busy packing what we had just unpacked, and moved houses on Saturday evening.

I know I mentioned in my last letter that it wasn't going to happen,  but on Tuesday evening, Nancy, Danathans mom, called us and said she  wanted it for this Sat. So we scrambled around trying to organize it,  and it was wonderful. We had such a huge turn out for the ward, about
40 members came, which never happens as you know. Danathan asked me to speak on Baptism,  and I guess I did alright. I seriously hate  speaking in front of a large amount of people, I always look so awkward.

After the baptism we moved house to the Flanders, and I set up the bunk bed all by myself. I was definitely proud of myself :)

Saturday evening was transfer doctrine, and I found out that I'm getting transferred to the Broadlands ward. Its still in the same district, same zone, just across town. And the great thing that I'm still companions with Sister Mataitusi :) So I'm super excited.  This means that I had to move houses AGAIN on Monday. So this is my  fourth house in six weeks, which is pretty insane. We are living with  the Swisgoods, who are a middle aged couple that are amazing. The entire house is decorated for Halloween, and apparently they love  pulling pranks on the missionaries. This morning when I took a shower there was a skeleton in the shower. Scared me almost to death. So in retaliation me and Sis. M put a fake rat in their shower. They loved  it :)

 I'm super excited to be in this area. Being white washed (both  missionaries new to the area) is actually great. Its a complete new  start. The elders that served here before us were actually the APs, so  we have big shoes to fill. They didn't have any investigators  currently, but tons of potentials and formers, so we are planning on  working through the entire area book. Its going to be wonderful :)

Saying goodbye to the people in Savory Ponds was really hard. I'm so  not looking forward to doing that multiple times in the next year and  a half.

The hardest family to say goodbye to by far was the Deans. We  saw them at least three times a week since I've been here. Sister Faulk,  Matatusi, and I went over Sunday evening to say goodbye. We each  shared our favorite scripture, prayed with them, and sang God be with  you till we meet again. All of us were in tears by the end of it. I'm  so grateful that Danathan was able to be baptized before I left the area though.

Its good to hear everything is going so well at home! I'm excited to see all the touch ups to the house, I'm sure it looks great. I'm probably forgetting like 97956287829 things in this letter, so sorry.

The following part is in answer to questions we posted to her...

we asked her if she received her latest package and her answer was...

Yes I got the package. Please I beg of you to please stop sending
food! I promise i have enough to last my entire mission. Lol we get
fed almost every single night for dinner, so I don't really have
opportunities to make all the food you guys send us. I super
appreciate it, but moving around so much has really made me rethink
having so many food items. :)

we asked her if she was excited to be in a new area...

Yeah I'm really excited to work through the area book. Last night we
went to some former investigators that the APs had difficulties getting
inside their houses because they were single women. We got two new
investigators in one night :) The work is definitely hastening over

David commented to her that at least she didn't have to tract...

I actually don't mind tracting. When we tract we try to always
pray with them. its gotten so many potentials from it, and its fun to
see how everyone reacts to us. Me and Sister Matatusi get along
great, so when we are out tracting we always have a lot of fun
together, so its really not bad at all.

We asked her if there was anything she needed...

So I don't need food, lol. But could you send some CD's pleeeaaaassse? EFY soundtracks are great, and so are Vocal Point hymns. Anything from the Piano guys. Anything from the young women artists, like Jenny  Phillips, or songs like I walk By Faith, Walk tall your a daughter of
God, His Hands, stuff like that. Any hymns. Not a huge fan of motab or the like, but I'll listen to whatever is sent. Especially since we are in a car, we get tired of listening to the same three cds over and over. The more the merrier!

Alright my companion is ready to go and we really need to go get some groceries, so I'm going to log.  I LOVE YOU! Talk to you next week :)

Love Sister Cannon

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