Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On Monday, October 21, 2013 
Hello everyone! Hope all is well!

This week was superb :) WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATER!

We took a laurel tracting with us on Friday, and for the first hour
and a half there was zero success. And then we knocked on this one
door, an old woman answered, and said "I already have Jesus" :) We
kept talking to her though (persistance pays off!) and asked if we
could pray for her. She immediately agreed, and when we asked what she
wanted to be included in this prayer, she rattled off 10 or so names.
Eventually, after she got through her list she said "Oh nevermind
then, you might as well come in now!' Success! :) We went inside, and
ended up talking to her for about an hour. Nancy  is almost 70
years old, and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She's had a
super hard life, and a lot of death in her life, and so we talked
about Jesus Christ (Which is a given lol), and we also talked about
eternal families. She was in tears when we told he she would see her
son, and husband and friends in the next life. Sabrina, the laurel who
came out with us, just loved her, and when we were walking to the car,
her jaw basically dropped lol and she is just so excited to serve a
mission now. If only it was always like that!

Going back to earlier in the week, on Monday we carved pumpkins. It
was a lot of fun! And also very gross :) My pumpkin turned out pretty
good I think, its a Cyclops.

We met this russian orthodox (sp?) priest
while we were tracting. His name is Father Alexander and he was in the
full priest garb. We talked on his doorstep for about 30 minutes, and
he wants us to come back.. If we convert him, maybe we can convert his
whole congregation! I've heard it happening before... :)
For dinner on Tuesday, a family took us out to Chick-fila! Yummmmy. :)
One of Sister Cannon's favorite places in NC was to eat here...

One of our recent converts in Broadlands, Tara, is awesome. She got
baptized in the summer, and she is already a ward missionary. She just
absorbs everything, and she is pretty much golden. We've been told to
give her the new member lessons, where you basically redo all the
lessons they had as an investigater (as i'm sure you remember with
Christina and the like) but because she is now a ward missionary,
we've taken a different approach. Now we study the lessons together
from Preach My Gospel. So she is relearning it, but she's also
learning how to apply what she learned in the lessons, and knowing
what is or not important to teach. It's been going extremely well, and
I know all three of us have gotten a lot out of it.

I just found out that Danathan recieved the Priesthood on Sunday! I'm
so excited for him, thats awesome. And his mom, who we helped
reactivate is meeting with the bishop this week so she can get her
temple recommend. Whooooh! :)

We did a crazy amount of service this week, it was great. We
volunteered for about 14 hours at the food bank, helped someone move,
helped the reynolds (our host family when serving in red leaf) clean
their house in preparation to move. and we did some yard work for our
current host family.

Yesterday we had a Preach My Gospel study group with the youth before
church. We talked about conversion, and it went super well. I went
into more detail about this lesson in the letter that i just sent this

I'm excited to get another package :) Thanks!

I'm super jealous you all had spaghetti. We've had it a couple times
since i've been out, but no one makes it good. Most of the time its
straight out of a can :/ But hey, atleast its food right? I feel like
by the time I get home I wont be picky anymore, I've had to eat some
not so great stuff.
 I also mentioned this in the snail mail I sent,
but they asked me and my companion to judge the chili cookoff for the
ward halloween party... I know your probably laughing right now since
you know i dont particularly like chili... So this should be
Sister Cannon sent us a letter made into a puzzle and a letter written on a Sacrament Program, this is her response to a question I had for her...

I'm glad you had fun with the puzzle, it was a lot of fun to make!
Hopefully it wasnt too hard to do. The snail mail I sent this morning
was on another sacrement program, so i guess you got your wish :)
I asked her what her plans were for the rest of her P-day...

Today for Pday, after emailing and shopping, we invited the other
sister missionaries to our house and we are baking goodies to hand
out. So a bunch of cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels and the
like :)

I love you all!
-Sister Cannon :)
Entire Zone with Mission President and wife....



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