Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hello from the CDNM!

Its been a pretty great week! We have been working through the entire area book, trying to contact every name listed. So we've been crazy busy which is great :) We've also been trying to meet as many of the active members as possible, so we'll teach two or three lessons a day to members of the ward.

The Broadlands ward is amazing! Everyone we have met so far is super missionary minded. They are really good about sharing the gospel to all their friends. This ward has had a baptism every month for the past 5 months, so hopefully we can keep up the tradition!

We've been doing a lot of volunteer work at the food bank. Its set up like the bishops storehouse, where we take the customers around the room collecting only the items that are on their assigned list. Its super fun, and there are normally five or six sets of missionaries serving there at a time so its always a party. The recipients of the food are always so grateful and kind. I love working there, I'm definitely going to serve at food banks when I'm back at home.

On Friday it started to SNOW!!! I woke up and there was a good inch.

Sadly it melted by noon :/ But I'm also okay with that because its freezing outside. So not fun to tract in.

The zone leaders came and gave us our commissary (our supplies like Books of Mormon, and
pamphlets) and also brought us hot chocolate. They are the sweetest!

They brought it on one condition- that we listen to Christmas music in the car. Only problem is we haven't bought any yet! So while we were driving away we called them and started singing carols to them. :) It was a lot of fun!

The Swicegoods, my host family, are insane. But in a good way :) Last time they scared me with a skeleton in the shower, and the other night they put a fake snake in the sink. I jumped a foot. So of course we had to retaliate so we put a scary mask on the skeleton, and put it in their food pantry. this morning Sis. Swicegood saw it and she screamed :)

General Conference was just amazing. President Monson was so right on target when he said that when he will write in his journal that evening that this session was the most inspiring one we've had yet. Me and sister Mataitusi cant stop talking about the speakers, they were just so great! I cant wait until they come out in the Ensign so we can reread everything.

How was general conference for everyone back home? 

Love Sister Cannon

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