Tuesday, September 3, 2013

News from Colorado...   
Phew, this week has been crazy busy. So since we last talked, on
Monday we went golfing. I suck... but it was a LOT of fun!
We have done a lot of service in the community as well. We cleaned up a local
park, which took forever since there was a lot of trash. By the end of
it we were all exhausted, dehydrated and sunburt (well mine turned
into a tan atleast, lol) but it was really great to see all the
progress we were able to make.
When we first arrived into the mission field, President Toombs issued a
challenge to the greenines that by the end of the first two weeks,
to pass out a Book of Mormon and also invite someone to be baptized.
Well I didn't put too much effort in to this, and the day before the
two weeks was up (with a meeting with the
president to check our progress) I still hadn't done either of them. So
Thursday I really focused on handing out a Book of Mormon. I literally
talked to 40 or so people that day, and they either were completely
uniterested, or the past missionaries had already given them a book.
Darn those missionaries for doing their jobs...
By the end of the night I was really disapointed in myself because I couldn't get anyone
to accept it. But on Friday, directly after the meeting, I was able to
talk to this investigater. His name is Danathan, and he's twelve years
old. To back up a few days, we taught him and his family on Monday for
FHE. We taught him about how Nephi retrieved the plates from Laban. He
loved hearing the epic stories in the scriptures. Then when we met on
Friday, we taught him the Restoration, and I offered him the Book of
Mormon, and he accepted! In this book, my companion and I, actually took
the time to highlight all of our favorite scriptures in it, to give
him an idea of the things he'll find in the book. He was really
receptive to it, and wanted to start reading it right away. And then
we started talking about Christ, and then I felt inspired to invite
him to be baptized. AND HE ACCEPTED. He's getting baptized on
September 22nd, and I'm so excited for him. He's such a precocious
kid, and I know he'll gain so much from this Gospel. At the end of the
night, I just knew that the reason I wasnt able to hand out a Book of
Mormon on Thursday, even though I tried super hard, was because Danathan
was meant to be my first person I was able to reach.

Yesterday was P-day, (but we couldnt get to the library because it was
labor day) and we as a district went to the park, and played frisbee
and basketball. The sister training leaders (Sisters Kim & Hand)
showed up and we had a water balloon fight. It was so much fun! And
was perfect timing, since it was boiling outside. The weather has been
hard to get used to, since in WA we start freaking out when it gets to
like 75. Its either super hot, or we have a lot of lightning/rain
storms. But the great thing is than I'm pretty tan :) I love it.

 After the park, we went and did companion exchanges. I slept the night at
another sisters home (Sis. Jackson) and today I'm with her all day. So
I'm serving in her ward, and her companion is serving in mine.
Its been a really great experience and I've really gotten a chance to
learn how to do things in a different way, which is always good.
Sister Jackson is super sweet and I've learned alot from her. We're
switching companions back after dinner, so around 6:30.

Like mom pointed out, its hard to believe that I've been out on my
mission for almost a month now. At times it seems like its a really
short time, and others it feels like I've been out here for months.

The knowledge that I've gained in the gospel and my testimony has
strengthened so much, that its strange to think about. I love this
church so much. I might not understand every aspect of it, but I know
its true. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ. That through Joseph, Jesus Christ restored his church on the
earth. I know through personal revelation that Brother Joseph
correctly translated the Book of Mormon. That the words inside are
true, and that they are of God. I know that Thomas S Monson is a
prophet of God, and he recieves revelation for us daily. 
I have grown such an appreciation in the principle of Faith. At times it
seems like we are alone and that we can't do what we've been asked, but
I know through Jesus Christ we are able to do anything. Faith has been
such a huge blessing to me. I feel really out of my element, but I've
really grown to rely and trust my Heavenly Father to help me out.
My new favorite scripture of the week is D&C 50:41-42. I highly recommend
you all read it. :)
Love from the mission field
Sister Cannon

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