Sunday, September 22, 2013

 Letter from 9/16/2013
What a week!
So on Monday, the sister training leaders, me and my companion, and
two other sisters went to the park to play volleyball. We played for
about ten minutes, and then it started POURING. Instead of going back
inside, we pulled out a frisbee and just played in the rain for an
hour or so. It was so much fun! We got COMPLETELY drenched. Afterwards
we figured it would be a great idea to get some frozen yogurt :) What
better time to eat frozen items when your cold and wet? :)
When PDay was over, we went over to the Deans home for FHE. We taught the kids
(Danathan, the 12 y/o whose getting baptized, and Drayden, a 7 y/o)
about the two thousand stripling warriors. You should have seen there
faces, they were so excited about this story! Each week we have FHE
with them, and teach them awesome stories from the BOM so that they
will be more interested in reading it. So far we have taught Nephi
retrieving the brass plates from Laban, the tree of life, helamans
army, and tonight we are talking about Ammon, and how he protected the
flock by chopping of the arms of the bad guys :) I'm sure they will
enjoy that story.

On Tuesday, we met with tons of inactives. It was out busiest day of
lessons yet. We had to bike like crazy to make it in time for our
lessons. When we got home, we found out no one signed up for dinner,
and just as we were making something to eat, a woman in our ward, Sis.
Tanner, came and dropped of a 45$ gift card to Chipotle. Obviously we
stopped making dinner and sped over to Chipotle, since we all know
thats my favorite place :)
Dinner was great, and then we went to meet up with this woman, Shavonne.
She is from Jamaica, and has a heavy
accent, and a huge love for Christ. She knows the Bible incredibly
well, so we scheduled a study session with her, so we could introduce
how the bible and book of mormon work together. We talked mainly about
Jesus Christ, and his life. I brought up the fact that Jesus Christ
walked miles and miles (50) in order to be baptized by John, who had
the proper authority to baptize, and we talked about the importance of
that authority, and that our Church has the very same authority
mentioned. What a coincidence! :) Lol. I asked her to be baptized, but
she didnt really understand since shes already been baptized. We again
stressed the importance of that authority, and she then agreed to be
baptized :) Third person I've asked, and all three have accepted :)
The Lord is definitely blessing me.

On Wednesday, we had our mission tour, where a general authority comes
to speak to us. Elder Corbridge (sp?) from the 1st quroum of the 70
came, and talked on teaching MIT, the Most Important Thing. Instead of
focusing on details that wont matter to their salvation, focus on what
will help them come to Christ and have that eternal life. It was
really great, and has helped so much when planning our lessons. The
conference lasted all day, from 9am till 430pm. Afterwards, me and
Sis. Mataitusi got on our bikes, and went to visit some people.
Our ward council gave us a list of 45 people that they dont know who they
are, but know they are members of the ward, and gave us two weeks to
contact everyone and find out as much as we could about each person.
Its a HUGE assignment and has been taking up a lot of time, so
unfortuantely we havent had much time to meet with our investigaters,
which sucks.
It started pouring down rain as soon as we got on our
bikes, so we had to bike for a couple of hours, visting house to
house, in the rain. We got completely drenched, and it wasnt much fun,
but we got a lot of work done so thats great. I think they felt sorry
for us so thats the reason we got into so many houses that night :)

On Friday night we got a call from our Mission President. He decided
to send Sis. Jackson home, because of health reasons. She is the
sister I went on exchanges the other week. She has been sick and in a
lot of pain for almost two months now, and the doctors didnt know what
was wrong, so she is going home for a transfer or two to get better.
Since her companion, Sis. Faulk cant stay alone, he had us became a
trio. So early Saturday morning we moved houses into Sis. Faulks
house. She serves in the Red Leaf ward, so now we have two wards to
cover, so its a lot more work to do. She is the best, and we've been
able to work very well together. And now we have a car! Since we are
covering two areas we need it. I'm so grateful because we are able to
get so much more work done now.

Concerning the matter or rain: Wow. It has been raining nearly nonstop
since Tuesday. I know you've probably heard in the news how bad its
been, its flooding everywhere. We've been pretty blessed, and in
Westminster we havent gotten flooded too bad. Not like it has been in
Boulder, oh wow I feel so bad for everyone there. We didnt have much
issue of flooding until Sunday. We have to go to both wards on Sunday
which is pretty interesting. So we went to Red Leaf ward first, and
the rain was nonstop. We went to their sacrement, and half of their
sunday school before we had to go to Savory Ponds sacrement meeting.
Sacrement was great, both wards talked about Following the Prophet,
which is always a great lesson to hear. at the end of the meeting, the
bishop told everyone that the last two hours of church has been
canceled, because the rain was so bad and the roads were flooding.
Almost every main road was flooded, so getting home was interesting
because we took 59734769220 backstreets. But we're all safe, still
doing the work, and recieveing tons of blessings. :) So no worrying!
Love from the mission field
Sister Cannon

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