Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello from the CDNM!

I know I keep saying this, but I just love it here. Since that last
time I wrote, so much has happened.

On Monday, directly after emailing, and shopping for food, we went to
the park and had a water balloon fight :) It was over 90 degrees, so it
just felt perfect and it was a TON of fun. Today after emailing, we
are going to the same park to play volleyball, which I'm excited

Oh wait. I just remembered last week I emailed on Tuesday because of
Labor day... oh well... :)

So on TUESDAY I was on companion exchanges, with Sis. Jackson. She's
great and I learned so much from her. She had such a great perspective
on Charity that I've never heard before. Charity is the pure love of
Christ, but it also was the MOTIVATION of Christ. I love that. Jesus
Christ did everything that he did because of his love for you and me.
Although I've always known that, it's still amazing to think about. We
focused all of our lessons that day on that concept. And each lesson
we taught we began with the hymn I Stand All Amazed. Each time we sang
it, the Spirit was so incredibly strong, and I've definitely grown a
new appreciation for that hymn.

In the evening, we taught Danathan, the kid who is getting baptized on
the 22nd of this month. We taught him the Plan Of Salvation, and it
went really well. I was nervous to start because I thought it might be
too difficult for him to understand, but me and Sis. M were able to
simplify it enough that he just paid strict attention and wanted to
know everything about it. I love his desire to know more about his
relationship with his Heavenly Father, and how to return to Him. He
really inspires me, because he is completely focused on this path. He
reads the scriptures every night, and is always eager to share to us
what he learned while he read.

On Thursday, at our District Meeting, we did a whole bunch of role
plays, which are so not my favorite, but i do always learn from them.
We worked with our zone leaders, Elders Traasdahl and Brennen, and I
had to recite the first vision, and immediately ask them to be
baptized. I messed up on it :/ but it all worked out in the end.
Thursday way the Broncos game, so unfortunately when we went tracking,
no one was interested in talking to us because they were too busy
watching the game. Stupid football lol. Now if it was soccer, I'd
understand! :) Just kidding.

We did meet this one young lady, Felicia, who we did the prayer
approach on, and after the prayer she was in tears. We made a return
appointment for this week, so I'm excited to see how that'll go.
On Friday, I committed another person to baptism :) Her name is
Brittany, and she's in her mid thirties. She is still a little unsure
about the church, but is interested in learning more, and said if she
felt like if she had a testimony by her date then she will get
baptized. Unfortunately her baptism wont be till Oct. 13th, because
she will be in and out of town for a while, so its difficult to give
her all the lessons, but I know she will be ready and excited for her

Friday evening we went on another companion exchange, this time with
our Sister Training Leaders. I was with Sister Kim, and this time we
served in my area. I was really nervous because I have no idea where
anyone lives ha-ha. Sister Mataitusi is beast at remembering
directions, so I always just follow her...  It turned out all right
though, I only got us lost once :) but we were able to find our way
again. We went to the stake baptism for children, and four kids got
baptized, which was great to see. In the evening, we met with this
inactive, Abba. He is from Israel, and has a heavy accent, but is
literally the sweetest person you'll ever meet. We talked to him for
about an hour, about blessings that he recognizes comes from his
Heavenly Father, and I tied that into blessings you can receive from
attending church. He has no family, so I talked to him how he can
strengthen his family relationship his Father in Heaven, and his
brother Jesus Christ. I also mentioned that he is in a ward family,
and they would love to have him come back to the church. He was in
tears by the end of it, and committed to coming back to church, which
he hasn't come in years. And he actually did! He showed up in this
throwback suit from the 80s, but he was there :)

On Sunday, we met with another inactive family before church. It was a
woman, Burgandy, and her two sons, Orian (9) and Briggs (7). We showed
them how to do FHE, and they soaked it right up. We taught them the
story of the stripling warriors, and the boys ate it right up. They
came to church as well, and they haven't been active in years. Its so
great! I love missionary work :)
I cant remember if I mentioned that me and my companion are looking
for new housing. Well we are :)

We found this really great apartment, that's a decent price, and its
right next to where we have tons of inactive and potentials.
The move in date is tentatively set for the 26th of this month. We won't
know for sure until next week, the mission office is handling all the
lease agreements and stuff. The apartment is called Highland Way, in
Northglenn CO.
I'm surviving the biking, barely. Its definitely gotten a lot easier, but I do struggle with all the hills. Bro. Crawford is right, there are tons of hills.  We're actually
getting a car within two weeks, so I'm super excited about that. I
don't mind biking, but its so inconvenient for planning. It takes like
20-30 minutes of biking between appointments, which sucks because then
we can't meet with as many people per day.
Thanks for that great package! That's a lot of yummy food :) Feel free to keep
sending stuff! Ha-ha.
We tried the fettuccine  alfredo last night, and it was super
yummy! And we made some pancakes this morning.
Its definitely appreciated. It adds a variety to all the cereal, and
meat & cheese sandwiches lol.

My roommates are all jealous that my mom sends me so much food. Its
great, now I barely have to grocery shop this week.
Love to all
Sister Cannon

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