Monday, September 23, 2013

What a crazy week :)

On Monday, we had our Zone PDay. All the Elders and sisters in the
Westminster Zone went to the church, and had a bbq. We played
volleyball for about 4 hours, and it was so much fun. And there was a
ton of food! Which is always nice :)

For Family Home Evening, we taught Danathan and his family about Ammon
protecting King Lamonis flock, and chopping their arms off. The two
young boys loved it :) The lesson went really well! I love the
progress I can see in the Dean Family. When we first met with them,
they never participated in the lesson, and never read the BOM reading
assignments we left them. Now they really get involved, and they
almost always read the chapters we leave for them. They have
definitely drawn closer as a family, and to our Heavenly Father.

Tuesday we taught 6 lessons, which is more than we've ever taught in
one day. And we got a new investigater as well! Her name is Lavanda,
and she is a straight up bible lover. She wasnt interested in at all
in the Book of Mormon, because she read that one scripture in
Revelations where it says not to add anything to the Bible. I cant
think of the exact reference right now, sorry. Each time we met with
her we would always try to leave a BOM, but she never would accept it.
But finally she saw how important it was to us, and she accepted it.
We left her with 3rd Nephi 11 & 12 to read, and two days later we went
by to check on her. She hadnt read it yet, so we decided to read it
with her. We were short on time, so we only got through the first 11
verses, but she said "Oh wow! This is really interesting, I cant wait
to read more" The three of us missionaries just looked at each other
in amazement. Earlier in the evening, as a tripanionship we prayed for
a miracle to occur, and if that wasnt a miracle I dont know what it
was. I cant wait to meet with her again so she can gain more of a
testimony of the BOM.

On Wednesday, we did this really awesome service project. We went to
this inactive/investigaters home, The Hildebrants. Brother Hildebrant
is opening a Military musuem, and he collects artifacts, like helmets,
guns, uniforms, letters, and so much more. His basement is completely
filled with the stuff, and it is so cool! The other sisters were
moving around artifacts, but since I had the best handwriting he asked
me to copy a soldiers journal. The journal is from a navy officer in
ward war 2 and he was writing to his sweetheart. Its very faded and
written in cursive, and he had me rewrite everything in a spiral
notebook. This was sooo awesome! I loved just reading what he had to
say, I cant wait to go back to finish it.

Friday is our weekly planning, and it normally only takes about 3
hours, but since we had to do both wards it took almost 7 hours to do.
We took all of our stuff to the park nearby and brought basically a a
months worth of food as well. :) Planning for that long always drives
me insane, so it was great that we could do it outside on a beautiful
sunny day instead of in a dark basement.

Sunday was FULL of meetings. We had Ward Council at 9, church for read
leaf at 11. After sacrement meeting we went to 20 minutes of gospel
principles, and then we had to go to Savory Ponds sacrement, gospel
principles, and relief society till 4. Directly after church we had
ward correlation with the ward mission leader, until 5 oclock. It felt
like the longest day in history and we forgot to pack a lunch so we
were pretty hungry by the end of it.

When I was studying this morning, I was reading the Ensign, and I
found a article that made me think of you Mom. I really encourage you
to read it. Its James E. Faust's "Dear are the sheep that have
wandered" from June 2013. Your such a great Mom, and I'm so thankful
for all the support I've had while I've been on my mission. I couldnt
be here without you. Thank for for all the hard work that you do for
the family, and for the loving example you are to me. I miss you so
much, but I wouldn't give up this experience for anything. I have
drawn so much closer to my Heavenly Father, and I know it wouldnt have
happened if you didnt encourage me to serve this mission.

Always remember that I love you.
-Sister Cannon

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