Thursday, December 11, 2014

Letter as of 12/8/2014

I am so grateful that it is Monday. Glad for a fresh start.This has been one tough week haha. 

Every single lesson we had set this week canceled. We managed to teach only 6 lessons this week.. I haven't done that bad since my greenie area. Not the hugest fan of this past week haha. 

I think the only good thing about the week was that we put up a ton of Christmas decorations in our apartment! It looks super cute.  We put up flowers and candles on our table..

 We decorated our front door.  . 

    Oh! And we hung up Christmas stockings with our nametags on the  mantle                                                                                                  
And we found these really cute elfs at the dollar tree haha.

We made a paper tree for our bedroom door, with a countdown to Christmas over it and a chain with 183 links around the apartment.
Its super festive and a bit much, but it makes us happy whenever we look at it, so its totally worth it :)

I'm going on exchanges tomorrow night. Sister Brooks will go to the STL's area, and me and sister harker will stay in Maplewood, with S. Mataitusi. Did I mention that she is my STL? Im so looking forward to exchanges, its going to be a blast to be with her again, even though its only a day.

S.Brooks goes home in 7 days. Ah! That is weird, knowing that I will be the next one to go home after her. Although I am still working as hard as I can, I'm ready to be home. I think its probably especially hard since its the holidays. but I'm kind of just done with the whole experience. I feel bad admitting that, since I've loved my mission, and I have learned and grown so much, but again home seems like a great place to be.

Did you get the chance to watch the Christmas Devotional last night? It was so fantastic! If you haven't gotten the opportunity to watch it yet, you can view it at
And!! If you haven't watched He is The Gift, do so now! At:
Love you tons! Cant wait to Skype you in 17 days :) :)

Love Sis Cannon

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