Monday, December 1, 2014

letter as of 12/1/14

Hello from the freezing cold of Colorado!
This week has been so great. I absolutely love both my companions, we have so much fun together, and we work really hard together, which is always a plus.

Major highlights of the week:

--Thanksgiving! Tons of fun. We started the morning with a couple of teaching appointments, and then we went to the Hills family for our first dinner of the day. After stuffing ourselves with food (Haha thanksgiving pun- stuffing) :D we played a few rounds of Uno, then had some pie. 

After that we rushed to our next house, the Johnson's. Luckily the food wasn't ready for a while, so we had the chance to just sit and relax. There were 2 other sets of missionaries there, so it was quite a party. We played apples to apples for a while, then sat down for some yummy food. Man I was so full by this point. 

We ended up not going to our 3rd thanksgiving dinner, because something popped up. We went over the next day though to eat leftovers :)

--Damien got the Priesthood on Sunday!! He asked if we would sit in when he was ordained. So amazing. Afterwards, he asked us if he would be able to serve a mission! :) :) :) He goes into the navy in march, and wont be done till he turns 26. Bishop said possibly, that he would have to get special permission to be able to go on a mission, since its technically after the maximum age. He would be such a powerful missionary. We've brought him to a couple of lessons already, and he does great.

--Hand hotties attack. Man, once those hand hotties you sent me get cold, they turn into perfect missile objects. Me and Sister Brooks are in a war right now, on who can hit the other with the most hand hotties. They are all over the apartment. It kind of hurts, but its so fun it doesn't even matter. You never know when to expect them to be hurling across the air. We do a lot of sneak attacks, like when someone comes out of the bedroom or bathroom hahaha. At night we put a handful near the alarm, so whoever wakes up first and turns off the alarm clock gets to chuck them at the other companions. Its a highly effective way of motivation to get out of bed on time. :)
Today's zone pday! We'll be playing chair soccer, which is so much fun, and really competitive. afterwards we are going to the dollar store to buy a lot of Christmas decorations for the apartment. I put up the mini tree from last year, and it looks cute! None of the ornaments broke over the year, so that was pretty impressive. :)

Hope all is well back hope! Don't forget to go to Christmas.Mormon.Org and watch the video! Then repost it to your favorite social media site with #ShareTheGift

Love you!!

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