Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter as of 12/15

Bonjour from Denver!

We dropped off S.Brooks at the mission home last night! She fly's home today to see her fam bam. It was so weird being at the mission home, knowing next transfer that'll be me.

This week has been pretty slow, but good all the same. YSA wards around Christmas time is the worst, the work just stops, since everyone goes home for the holidays. Oh well!

We went on exchanges this week! Man, it was soo much fun to be with S. Mata'itusi again. She's a hoot! And a powerhouse for sure. She helped me a lot by giving my new goals for the last leg on my mission. She told me to stop thinking about how soon I go home (63 days!) but that's pretty much impossible lol. Its not like I've stopped working hard, I still am, but I'm just excited to see you all.

Something really cool this past week was that I got a letter from someone I taught in Parker. She was a less active member, but she has been coming regularly these past few months. She wanted to write and tell me that I had such an impact on her coming back to the church. Honestly, looking back at the lessons I had with her, they weren't the most stellar, or spiritual even. But I guess, through the Spirit, I was led to say what she needed to hear. That letter made my entire week. I cant help but reread it all the time, it just makes me so happy.

 I love that I came out on a mission. At times its ridiculously hard, but I know this is where I am needed.

I cant wait to Skype with you! #10moredays

Love you so so so much!
<3 Sister Jessica Cannon

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