Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter 11/17/2014

Brrrrr, What a crazy, super cold week. A couple days this past week it was in the negatives. :( Luckily we had a ton of appointments and so we didn't have to spend a lot of time outside. Thank goodness!
This week was jam packed with awesomeness. :)

Tuesday we had zone conference. That's where multiple zones/stakes get together and receive trainings from President & Sister Mendenhall, and the assistants. It was up in Westminister, and it was a lot of fun to be back in my greenie area. I was surprised that I remembered how to get around town over there. The Conference was super great. We received a lot of training on the book of Mormon, and also about change. Changing the culture of the mission, changing ourselves, and helping others to change. It was really cool! The focus was a lot on new goals for the year of 2015 in the CDNM. It felt weird- I didn't know how I could contribute to executing those goals since i'll be going home at the beginning of it. But then I decided i'll just have to make that last month and a half the best on my mission.

p-day playing around....

So I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I have the best zone leaders in the entire mission. E. Law & E. Bambo are the silliest elders I've ever met, but they are spiritual giants. And I've never had zone leaders that just care about us so much before. Both of them are incredibly obsessed with Batman, its kind of a running joke now in the zone.  Me and Sister Hoemann wanted to do something small that would show how much we appreciate them. We thought about heart attacking their car... but that just looks inappropriate and lovey dovey hahaha. So we decided to batman their car! We cut out dozens of paper batman signals and taped it to their car. We wern't there to see their reaction but we heard it was pretty epic. Lots of girlish screams were heard hahaha.

Thursday we found two new investigators! Ryan, and Isabelle. And then we met with this less active named Andrew. We've been trying for months to see him, and he finally reached out to us this week and asked to meet with us! He even came to church. Miracles for sure happen :)

Friday sucked majorly. I woke up in the middle of the night only to discover I was super sick.. From like 1:30 am to 7am it was constant state of grossness. I got a priesthood blessing in the middle of the day, and instantly felt way better. I'm now back to a hundred percent, so that's good!

Saturday we went on exchanges. I stayed in the area, and was with Sister Hoopes for the day. I love her a lot, but its so weird that's she's my STL, she's only been out 9 months haha. Oh well! We still were able to work really well together. We taught 5 lessons Saturday, which is pretty rare in YSA.

Sunday was great as well! We had two investigators, and 4 less actives at church. One of our investigators, another Andrew, we put on bap date for 2 weeks from now. So that's super exciting!

Transfers are next Monday, we find out Saturday night whats happening. I really really really want to get transferred, which is weird because we have so much work here. I just don't want to spend another Christmas in a YSA ward. Next transfer has thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years all in one transfer, and I definitely want to be in a family ward for that. But of course i'll go wherever the Lord needs me. Just maybe a little begrudgingly sometimes :)

Haha, love you tons and tons!
Peace and blessings all :)

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