Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Letter as of 11/10/2014

Busy week! But a fantastic one :)

Monday was soo much fun. We played lipstick assassin. We played at the church, but kept all the lights off. The goal to is mark another persons neck with the tube of lipstick. Supposed to look like it was slit. Good thing we know the plan of salvation is real :) But seriously though, the game was pretty intense. My heart was beating really fast! :)

 We had some amazing lessons this week. Its so exciting to see how much the area is progressing. We found a new investigator on Tuesday. Her name is Stephanie. She's super sweet, and attends DU. She's met with missionaries in the past, but felt too rushed, but she wants to give it another go. We talked a little abut baptism, and she said she'd be willing to, if she came to know its true.

On Thursday I got my Trunky call.. Its when the mission office calls and asks what airport I want to fly into. I didn't know what ours is called, so I just told her the big Seattle one haha. Now that I think of it, I think its called something super easy like the Seattle International airport. Oh well, I'm sure she will be able to figure it out. So my ticket is officially bought for me coming home! Super weird to think about that.

On Sunday, Damien was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Man, there was such a look of happiness and peace on is face. He is going to be such a slid member. He's already asking when he can be a home teacher, so he can help more people. He's pretty legit.

Like I mentioned in previous emails, we have been reading the Book Of Mormon as a companionship. We are already through the war chapters of Alma, can you believe it? Its so crazy how fast we have to read to do the challenge of finishing the BOM in one transfer .

The other day we introduced Katie to the personal progress program. She was baptized in April, and she's in her mid 20s, so she never had the opportunity to do it. She seemed super stoked about it. I'm way excited for her to do it as well, I know it will help her a lot. I'm planning on redoing the program when I get home. Since I finished it so fast, I didn't really get that much out of it, so I want to redo it so I have something to work towards when I get home.

Winter is supposedly going to hit this week. Its been super nice and sunny, only a little chilly lately. But apparently its going to snow tonight. Tomorrow is only going to have a high of 27... Totally not looking forward to that.

I just saw my first body of water since I have been here...

Well, that's enough of me blabbering away. Love you tons! Have a great week :)

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