Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter as of 6/30/2014


Man it has been so incredibly hot this past week. Either been in the 80's or 90's. So gross. But I am getting a tan, so that more than makes up for it :)

goofing around cause it was a slooowwwww day....

We found 2 more investigators this week! Brooke & Jamie. Brooke is 15, and Jamie is her dad. We met Brooke a little over a week ago on the street, and just started talking to her. We asked if we could come to her home at a later date and share a message with her, and she just said she would have to ask her dad. We got her phone number though, and a couple days later we texted her, and she said we could come over Monday evening. When we got there it was just her for a little bit, her dad was tinkering around in the kitchen, but after awhile he came and sat down. We taught them the restoration, and invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! We haven't set them on date yet, we'll do that the next time we see them.

Unfortunately we no longer have any investigators on date for baptism. Phil and David both haven't been coming to church regularly enough and they cant get baptized by their date because they need to come at least 3 times to sacrament. Which is a bummer, but we're not giving up on them.

President and Sister Toombs are officially back home, as of Saturday, and now President Mendenhall is my mission president. I get to meet him on Thursday, which I'm really excited about.

This week we did A LOT of service. Its been really great. We helped this nonmember move on Saturday, she didn't have a lot of help so a member called us and asked if we could help for a little bit. Me and Sister Svedin did pretty much all of the heavy lifting, while the Elders wimped out and carried the lighter boxes and stuff ha-ha. From upstairs to the truck, we brought down four beds, three dressers and a couple bookcases. It was fun! I'm pretty impressed with myself ha-ha. Guess those weights were finally paying off ;)

SERVICE AT THE ELDERLY HOME...working in the kitchen with our stylish hairnets! :)

We go on exchanges tonight! I'm super excited. I'll be staying Dove Valley this time, and I'll be with Sister Elwell. Shes super nice. She was companions with Sister Sprague the transfer before I got there.

 Oh yeah, Sister Sprague is now in my zone. She got ET'd here to replace another sister who had to go home because of illness. 

How has your week? Hope everything is going swell! 

Love you lots!

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