Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter as of 11/18/2013
Hello everyone!
What a busy week. We were able to teach 23 lessons this week, and its been such a whirlwind. 
I'm kind of overwhelmed with the amount of work to do in this area. I have met sooo many people, but honestly its hard to remember who I taught and what I taught since its been so crazy. 
So instead of working at a food bank, like I did in Westminster, we volunteer at an assisted living home. We facilitate bingo, we help pass out snacks, and we disinfect the bingo chips and cards that get filthy. Helping out with bingo is so incredibly fun, I love it. The residents get so into it, and its hilarious because all they win is a quarter. But I guess when your in a home then you have to find stuff thats exciting for you.
It's interesting having a different companion but thats okay, I know that I'll learn a lot from her, and also we do have a lot of success as a companionship. We have the highest amount of lessons in the stake, which is so different from my last area. One pro about Sis. Sprague is that she is very good about getting inside peoples homes. below is a picture of us heading off to an appointment!
Tonight I'm going on companionship exchanges with the sister training leaders. I'm going to a different area which is great, because I have absolutely no idea how to get around in my area. I love exchanges. I always learn so much from my STL.
Yesterday at church we had two investigaters show up, and three less active families show up. That was such a miracle, we were only expecting one investigater and one less active. In this ward the missionaries don't teach gospel principles, which I'm pretty bummed about because when I teach a lesson I'm able to get so much more out of it, since I have to study so much before hand. Our class has a lot of members that come, but not a lot of participation.  
Ashley, a 15 y/o we are teaching, is set for baptism on the 14th. She came to church yesterday, and she even brought a friend. She is so golden, I absolutely love her. Every time we teach her, the spirit is so incredibly strong and we always end up in tears. She also went to the youth fireside at the Bishops house yesterday, and she said she loved it, she loved the youth and the message that was shared. We have three investigaters set for baptism in Decemeber, but right now she is the only one who is ready. The other two don't have a huge desire, so we are going to have to reteach some lessons. 
I love the opportunity that I can talk to so many people about Jesus Christ. We work in a low income area, and just like Alma realized, they are the best to teach because almost all of them are so humble, and are searching for something.
I hope that your week was fantastic! I love you all, and thanks for all the support you give me :)
Love, Sister Cannon

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