Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter from July 14, 2014

Hello from super hot and sunny Parker!

For reals though, its hot. But im working on my tan. Bonus!

This weeks been super great! A little slow but that's okay.

We went to the zoo today! Definitely by far the most exciting that's happened though :) We went with this super awesome family, The Palmers. They wouldn't let us pay for anything- those stinkers. Seriously, I don't know how to accept so much generosity. Literally every time I go shopping at the grocery store, a member buys my food. Or if we get a craving for slushies at 7/11 (Totally went on 7/11 day) someone always pays for it as well. I fell so bad, but I cant deny them the blessings ;)
I cant believe transfers are next week. I think i'm finally leaving Parker :( I told President Mendenhall that i'd be happy to stay a few more transfers, and he asked me how long I have been here and I said 3 transfers in Dove Valley. Sister Boyd interrupted and said that I was in 2 transfers in the YSA ward beforehand though. President just laughed and said he'll take it up with God :) Here's hoping I stay! I know its super unlikely though. Unfortunately. We set up a TON of appointments for this week though so I can say goodbye to all my favorites. We have 25 appointments set before Sunday night. Super excited about that.
I get to go to the temple on Wednesday! I'll probably do either endowments and baptisms, or endowments and initiatory again. Not sure which one yet, but i'm super excited.
There's been A'LOT of drama this past week. Some pretty nasty rumors are going around about the elders in our ward. I honestly have no idea what to believe about them, which is sad. The English set of Elders will most likely be taken out next transfer. So it'll probably just be the Spanish elders and us here in dove valley, which will definitely help out a lot. DV is not ready for 3 sets of missionaries at this time.

I decided that if I get transferred, I want to serve in downtown Denver. It was a lot of fun being around SO many people. Parker is totally suburbia and no one is ever walking around.  Then I get to go to the zoo more often :) and the 16th street mall, which rocks.
I got to sit down and talk with Sister Mendenhall the other day, which was super great. President came down to talk to some missionaries and we saw Sis. M just sitting in her car, so we jumped in and talked to her for about half an hour. It was so good to get to know her better! She asked us a lot of questions as well. One of the questions she asked was What is the greatest miracle we have seen on our missions. I see miracles literally every day, so it was hard to come up with the Greatest. I just opened my mouth, and what came out of it was The greatest miracle I have seen is for myself, learning how to apply the atonement in my life. I thought I knew before my mission, but I have never had to rely on my Savior so often, and its been great.  
Basically, serving a mission was the best decision I have ever made in the history of decision making. Okay, well the decision to follow Christ's plan in the pre-mortal life beats it, but I don't remember that actual occurrence. :)

Pictures from the Denver zoo today....


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